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Annual Report Magazine FY 2015 - Investment Story/What is Austrian Post Up To?

WHAT IS MAIL SENT IN AUSTRIA EACH YEAR … 300,000 COMPANIES 8.5M INHABITANTS 4.8BN DIRECT MAIL ITEMS/MEDIA POST 80M PARCELS 860M LETTERS 16PARCEL DELIVERY BASES 248MAIL AND 20KM 160LORRIES 1.PROVEN BUSINESS MODEL š  Solid revenue development thanks to its leading market position in Austria š  Sustainably strong earnings based on innovative strength and an efficient cost structure 2.STRONG BALANCE SHEET AND SOLID CASH FLOW š  Conservative balance sheet structure: high amount of cash and cash equiva- lents and low level of financial liabilities š  Solid cash flow enables future-oriented investments and an attractive dividend policy 3.ATTRACTIVE DIVIDEND POLICY š  Further development of dividends due to earnings strength and solid cash flow š  Planned annual dividend payment of at least 75% of the Group net profit 4.CONTINUITY AND RELIABILITY š  Prudent and realistic guidance with clearly-defined objectives š  Clear commitment to achieve communi- cated targets There are many reasons for investors to invest in Austrian Post shares: INVESTMENT STORY 4 AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 2015

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