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Annual Report Magazine FY 2015

AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 2015 41 CUSTOMER SATISFACTION PARCEL DELIVERY BY AUSTRIAN POST Source: IFES study 2015, n=500 Competitors strongly inten- sified their business opera- tions on the Austrian market in 2015. Does Austrian Post have to be afraid of new com- petition? STEFAN HEIGLAUER: Yes, there is more competition in the parcel market. We principally do not underestimate our competitors. In this way we always react adequately to changes and are able to expand our services. We are excellently positioned in Austria, and boast a whole range of competitive advantages, for example a dense branch network, strong human resources featuring a delivery staff of 9,000 mail carriers, and a good infrastructure. We are number one on the market thanks to the high quality and diversity of our services. These are major strengths which another company first has to try and match. Our customers highly value all this, as shown by the record achieved in 2015 of 80m parcels delivered by Austrian Post. What can Austrian Post do better than other com- petitors? We are familiar with the realities on the ground, and know our customers. After all, we are present every day at every doorstep throughout Austria. Further­ more, we offer numerous service solutions to our customers to enhance the comfort and convenience of the delivery process for them, for example the Post App and pick-up box. In Austria we enjoy the reputa­ tion of being a high-end provider. By the way, our CO2 neutral delivery also contributes to this positive image. However, the competition never sleeps. Can Aus- trian Post rest on its laurels and the good reputa- tion it has? We do not want to and won’t do it. We are continually developing our offering and steadily introducing new innovations. Almost all areas of our work are impact­ ed. This was our approach in the past which we have no intention of changing in the future. Each year we invest EUR 30–40m to enhance customer satisfaction. In this way we will stay number one on the market. Stefan Heiglauer, Head of Parcel Logistics Austria, focuses on the services which make Austrian Post unique in Austria. “AUSTRIAN POST IS AT EVERY DOORSTEP EVERY DAY THROUGH- OUT AUSTRIA.” The clear-cut results of the study even surprised the opinion researchers at IFES. “We did not ex­ pect delivery quality to be so outstandingly im­ portant to the Austrians,” says IFES Managing Director Reinhard Raml in presenting the survey results. “Customer orientation is a decisive com­ petitive factor today, also in logistics. Austrian Post is in an outstanding position thanks to the specific measures implemented in this area.” Jörg Pribl, Head of End Customer Initiatives & Services at Austrian Post, is pleased with the company’s good performance. “Success is no co­ incidence. The results of the study show that our strategy is right on track thanks to its clear focus on customer orientation. In particular, taking ac­ count of developments in the field of e-com­ merce, we will continue to invest in tailor-made customer solutions in order to remain the top postal company in Austria.” Austrian Post is not only the preferred choice frequently for private customers when it comes to logistics services, but also for many mail order houses and other companies as well. “Austrian Post is a reliable and service-oriented partner for us. This brings decisive advantages for our cus­ tomers, because Austrian Post delivers quickly and reliably, even to remote places. The focus is always on customer benefits. These range from the speed and high delivery quality, even in the case of fragile items, to a high level of customer comfort,” says WEIN & CO CEO Heinz Kam­ merer. ■ 33% EXCELLENT 42% VERY GOOD 20% GOOD 5% OTHER AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 201541

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