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Annual Report Magazine FY 2015

AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 2015 43 A ustrian Post’s current pilot project, “A feel-good branch office”, is now testing the branch office concept of the future in Vienna-Simmering. Consumers in a shop have long expected to be offered much more than just the opportunity to shop. Austrian Post wants to offer this “added value” in its branch offices. New customer-friendly facilities help customers enjoy their stay in the branch office, making the way to the post office a gratifying experience. A sense of well-being means you’re halfway there If shopping on one’s computer or smart phone can be done conveniently from home, what add­ ed value can retail stores possibly offer a con­ sumer compared to his own four walls? Austrian Post focused on this question when de­ veloping its new branch office concept, which is being tested in a branch office in Vienna’s 11th district since May 2015. Implementation of the concept first involved upgrading and redesigning the branch office’s looks and installing a ful­ ly-equipped self-service zone. A spacious lounge with comfortable seats and books, a coffee and water dispenser and a “mini post office” for kids contributes to subjectively shortening waiting times for customers. In addition, WLAN, the branch office’s own radio programme and info­ screens ensure that people will not get bored there. “In our feel-good branch office, we focus on sav­ ing time. We cannot completely eliminate wait­ ing times, but we want to make our customers’ stay there as pleasant as possible, which in turn often unexpectedly generates added value for them,” claims Nicole Hackl, Project Management Branch Office Sales, in describing the reasoning underlying the new concept. Feeling good (also) comes through the nose “Moreover, we want to create a positive aura. For this purpose we chose an unconventional ap­ proach for the Simmering site,” Hackl continues. Austrian Post had its own aroma concept devel­ oped. None other than the star perfume creator Lorenzo Dante Ferro, who has already worked for Kylie Minogue and the Pope, was entrusted with this task. “It may sound as if I am exagger­ ating, but a good fragrance is simply a must,” Project Manager Nicole Hackl concludes. Farewell to queues! What good are comfortable seats in a cosy lounge if one had to stand in line by the counter? Austrian Post has an answer to this question, i.e. a ticket system allowing the customer to freely move around while waiting until his number is displayed on the infoscreen. In many Austrian Post branch offices there is only a single queue for all counters. This new ticket system which has been well received by customers takes this approach a step further. Moving in the right direction The feel-good branch office concept of Austrian Post precisely captures the spirit of the times. This success is reflected in the results of a cus­ tomer survey carried out in the new Vienna­- Simmering branch office in the middle of 2015. 58% of the 630 people interviewed rated their visit more favourably than before the changes were made, and more than 70% subjectively felt that their waiting time was shorter. Austrian Post considers the positive survey re­ sults as a clear mandate. Now selected measures will be gradually implemented in other large, highly frequented branch offices. The redesign­ ing of the Vienna Fleischmarkt post office has already been concluded. THE TEN COM- MANDMENTS OF WELL-BEING. - Ticket system - Sitting area - Bookshelves - Coffee and wa- ter dispenser - Children’s corner - WLAN - Radio program- me - Shopping carts - Infoscreens - Aroma concept “We want to make our customers’ stay in the branch office as pleasant as possible.” NICOLE HACKL, PROJECT MANAGEMENT BRANCH OFFICE SALES ■ AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 201543

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