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Annual Report Magazine FY 2015

AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 2015 47 E -commerce is showing unbridled growth. More and more goods are being shipped by mail from shops to people’s households (and in some cases back again). The customers are calling for more comfort than ever before. In addition to 6b letters, Austrian Post transports 80m parcels each year, a figure which is expected to increase in the medium term. A great deal of effort is already required in order to be able to process this huge quantity of mail items. The perfect interaction of people and technology is essential. But this is far from being all that is needed. The triad of success There is no doubt that technology is particularly important in the field of logistics. However, tech­ nology by itself is not a guarantee for success. Operational processes have to be continually scrutinised, re-invented and perfected. “Optimi­ sation” is the catchword, and simultaneously a commonplace occurrence in the company. Since 2015, all branch offices have been supplied by the Austrian Post subsidiary Systemlogistik. Its Op­ erations Manager Marianne Ramser explains the advantages of this insourcing measure. “We pro­ vide customised fulfilment solutions to all our customers. The next logical step was to exploit our logistics competence for the benefit of our parent company’s branch network. In any case, we ensure greater efficiency and reduce costs by maximising the value creation of Austrian Post.” In addition to targeted optimisation, Austrian Post also continuously strives to identify the requirements of its customers and business part­ ners in a timely manner, ideally before they do it themselves. The result of this discovery process is Austrian Post’s ability to provide just the right service. The triad of success consists of technology, optimisation and service. The employees of Austrian Post develop many innovations on their own. However, to really be able to remain in the forefront in all areas, they also work together with partners from the scientific and business communities to develop new solutions before quickly and resolutely implementing them. In other words, Austrian Post stays in motion. This is one of the reasons why it is the undisput­ ed market leader in Austria, looking ahead to the future with optimism. When innovation becomes routine The logistics centres of Austrian Post require particularly complex automation solutions. These facilities already operate at a very high technological level. Nevertheless, the company will never be able to claim that it has gone as far as it can. There is always more to do in this area. As a consequence, innovation has long become standard procedure at Austrian Post. The new sorting machines for small letters are only one of the many technological advances which are regularly introduced at Austrian Post. These devices achieve an hourly throughput of up to 46,000 mail items. Austrian Post installed 20 of these powerhouses in 2014 and 2015, thus further accelerating processing of mail items. Another novelty is the automatic “sequenc­ ing” of small letters, which has been rolled out throughout Austria in the meantime. These automatic sequencing machines order mail items in accor­dance with the specific delivery routes of the mail carriers. Up until now this was done manually in a time-consuming process. The time saved is now at the disposal of mail carriers for other tasks (refer also to page 67). Customer service as the overriding objective Ultimately all technological and optimisation measures are designed to pursue the objective of further improving the service and product offering for Austrian Post customers. The com­ pany already enjoys a substantial competitive advantage, not least because of the custom­ er service. Thanks to its technological edge, Austrian Post also benefits from starting points for the development of new technologies and services. Austrian Post exploits these advantag­ es every day. ALWAYS ON THE BALL. Austrian Post is always on the ball when it comes to technology, efficiency and customer service in order to remain the number one in a highly competi- tive market. ■ AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 201547

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