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Annual Report Magazine FY 2015

COMPANY DIGITALISATION E-COMMERCE LOGISTICS ECOLOGICALISATION EMPLOYEES FACTS & FIGURES 50 AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 2015 “At present we are focusing on optimising the last stage.” FRIEDRICH BARTH, HEAD OF SALES PARCEL LOGISTICS ing for new delivery options to more effectively accommodate the wishes of our customers,” says Friedrich Barth, Head of Sales Parcel Logistics. “For this reason, we are proactively focusing on optimising the last stage of our shipments, for example by informing the recipient in advance when he can personally accept his parcel.” Speciality logistics scores points in Germany Speed, temperature control and security also determine the level of customer acceptance when it comes to another product group, namely pharmaceuticals. Here Austrian Post operates in an interesting market niche thanks to its ful­ ly-owned subsidiary trans-o-flex. Since 2002 trans-o-flex ThermoMed has been offering active temperature-controlled transport services in the temperature ranges which are of relevance to the pharmaceutical industry. After the EU guidelines on transporting pharma­ ceuticals contained in the “Good Distribution Practice of Medicinal Products” were toughened, trans-o-flex launched trans-o-flex ambient in 2014. Since then, its logistics network has been expanded in order to ensure quick and reliable active temperature-controlled transport in the range of 15 to 25 degrees Celsius, also to meet growing demand. Network expansion continues Following the principle decision to expand the trans-o-flex ambient network, further expan­ sion steps took place in 2015. The Hannover, Jena, Cologne, Weinheim, Nuremberg and Alzenau sites were converted to the new system along with the central trans-shipment hub in Kassel. Active temperature-controlled ship­ ments are now fed into the ambient network from these seven hubs. “In this way we created the essential pre-requisites for further growth,” states Christian Knoblich, Member of the Man­ agement Board and Director of Sales and Mar­ keting at the trans-o-flex Logistics Group. “One of the most important advantages in expanding the network is the later pickup times from our customers, which comprise a key asset in this sector.” Trans-o-flex is also making investments in its ve­ hicle fleet and technological solutions to ensure the smooth transport of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. Today some 2,000 vehicles are in use for trans-o-flex ambient. Customers have the possibility to check the temperature docu­ mentation of their delivery via the company’s customer platform. Austrian Post as a pharmacy? Austrian Post also generates synergies from the pharmaceutical expertise of trans-o-flex on behalf of the pharmaceutical wholesaler AEP, in which Austrian Post acquired a 45% stake in 2013. Today AEP serves more than 3,000 phar­ macies throughout Germany. The most signifi­ cant advantage it has over the competition is that AEP only delivers once a day from one central storage facility, enabling it to provide its services at more favourable rates. ■ PRODUCT GROUPS PROJECTED SHARE IN 2020 15% SAME-DAY DELIVERY 85% NORMAL DELIVERY Source: Euromonitor; McKinsey 2014 9% OTHER 31% CLOTHING 25% ELECTRONICS 14% HOUSEHOLD AND FURNISHINGS 12% FOOD 9% HOME IMPROVEMENT McKinsey expects the share of same-day parcel delivery on the Western European market as a percentage of the B2C business to rise to 15% of the total volume or by EUR 3.1bn by the year 2020. SAME-DAY DELIVERY TAKES OFF DELIVERY TYPE PROJECTED SHARE IN 2020

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