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Annual Report Magazine FY 2015 - Safely Delivered

AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 2015 51 The organisation of the “Zen- tralmatura” requires a series of highly complex logistics services. What do you think matters the most? GABRIELE HEINISCH-HOSEK: Above all, we have to be able to guarantee data protection of the exam papers during the entire process, from the time they are sent to the printer’s for printing until they arrive in the schools. It is a fact that the documents pass through a great many hands. That is why we have to permanently monitor every transport step. Why did you entrust Austrian Post with this task? In handling the absentee ballots, Austrian Post re­ peatedly demonstrated that it can perfectly manage complex logistics services in line with particularly high security standards. In addition, it also boasts the required infrastructure and organisation to be able to perform these services in the first place, including high security storage facilities, vehicles with GPS tracking and experienced employees. What makes this work so complicated? The standardised exams take place in 683 schools throughout the country at the same time. This means we have to ensure that the exam packs are not only securely delivered to all schools but also get there on time. This is the only way to guarantee fairness for all school pupils. I am sure Austrian Post will get an “A” on the centralised Matura exam. Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek, Federal Minister of Education and Women’s Affairs, talks about the complete and above all secure range of logistics services needed for the standard- ised national school-leaving exams known as the “Zentralmatura”. “I AM SURE AUSTRIAN POST WILL GET AN ‘A’ ON THE CENTRALISED MATURA EXAM.” Post.Wertlogistik is one of the two leading service providers for the absolutely safe transport of cash and other valuables in Austria. SAFELY DELIVERED I n particular, banks and the retail sector take advantage of the comprehensive services in this segment which are offered by Austrian Post. In addition to the transport, pickup and delivery of cash, the company also takes care of the entire cash management, i.e. the counting, deposit and credit entry of the monies (coins and bills) entrusted to Austrian Post for han­ dling. Moreover, Post.Wertlogistik boasts a high secu­ rity storage facility for valuable goods in the Vi­ enna area, and organises the international transport of valuable goods in cooperation with specialist companies. In 2015, the Austrian Post subsidiary was also contracted to deliver the exam packs for the na­ tional school-leaving and university entrance tests known as the “Matura”, a recent vote of confidence on the part of public authorities. ■ AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 201551

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