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Annual Report Magazine FY 2015 - In the Beginning was the Idea

COMPANY DIGITALISATION E-COMMERCE LOGISTICS ECOLOGICALISATION EMPLOYEES FACTS & FIGURES 52 AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 2015 In its ongoing search for new solutions, established processes at Austrian Post are taken apart, mixed up and put together to create new ones. Austrian Post also occasionally undergoes a reinvention or rejuvenation from the outside. The result is frequently a refreshing new idea. IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE IDEA A s a ProLog Project Manager, Xaver Götzl has been in charge of implementing new logistics solutions at trans-o-flex since 2014. He has already got a few things moving together with his German colleagues. “We have achieved a lot but we will not rest on on our laurels.” But back to the beginning: once a week the Pro­ Log team meets in Vienna. ProLog stands for “Process Optimisation Logistics.” The name speaks for itself. The department aims to keep on improving processes. Best practice examples from the entire Group support the team’s work. They are defined, analysed, taken apart and then remixed to create a new whole. “In this process we have to repeatedly reinvent our­ selves. It is a great feeling to see tangible re­ sults,” Götzl explains. The team led by Herbert Hufsky uses the ideas put forward by ProLog to develop specific con­ cepts which are subsequently put into practice. The ProLog employees are then entrusted with this task. “It is important that our employees are personally involved in the entire process, from the initial brainstorming to actual implementa­ tion. This not only facilitates the implementa­ tion but also promotes motivation,” Hufsky adds. “In addition, our young employees at Pro­ Log can learn quite a lot about logistics.” In this connection the department sees itself as a talent factory in which young professionals are provid­ ed with the opportunity to contribute their ideas while profiting from further education and training. Innovation is contagious What do Austrian Post and startups have in common? Not much at all at first glance. How­ ever, if one takes a closer look, it is understand­ able why the company so strongly stood up for young enterprises at the last Pioneers Festival in Vienna. This is because the startups of today are the Austrian Post customers of tomorrow, as demonstrated by the business models of many of the newly-founded firms which still concen­ trate on selling their products on the Internet. Against this backdrop, Austrian Post once again participated as a supporting partner of the Pioneers Festival in Vienna in May 2015. More than 70 entrepreneurs submitted ideas for the “Post Start-up Challenge” ahead of time. 18 of them were invited to pitch their proposals. The winners were announced at the Pioneers Fes­ tival. They shared a package of direct mail and logistics services valued at EUR 150,000. It is important to note that Austrian Post’s involve­ ment in the Pioneers Festival is not simply a ques­ tion of garnering publicity for itself. The company is continually on the lookout for new, innovative products and ideas, and hopes to become “infect­ ed” by the mentality of the startups. INSPIRING. The Pioneers Festival has been held in Vienna once annually since 2012. It is a good opportu- nity for Austrian Post to be inspired by the creativity of young startups. “Our young employees can learn quite a lot about logistics at ProLog.” HERBERT HUFSKY, HEAD OF LOGISTICS SERVICES & PROLOG ■ Party and inno- vation: startups celebrate their successes at the Pioneers Festival, and build up new networks. Austrian Post regularly participates.

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