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Annual Report Magazine FY 2015 - Commitment with a Future

AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 2015 53 Austrian Post operates in eleven countries in addition to Austria. The shipment of parcels is the most important driving force. COMMITMENT WITH A FUTURE T he transfer of know-how and experiences is just as crucial an element in the foreign business strategy of Austrian Post as in­ vestments in growth. At present Austrian Post sees attractive potential particularly in Turkey. It has held a 25% shareholding in the Turkish firm Aras Kargo since 2013, with the option of ac­ quiring a further 50% stake in the company in 2016. Austrian Post is not only investing money but also considerable innovative strength in this new market. For the most part, the required know- how is “Made in Austria”. Statistics provide room for optimism that this commitment will pay off. Dervis Kahraman, CFO of Aras Kargo, puts things in a nutshell: “Annual per capita parcel revenue in Turkey is currently only a fraction of the comparable figure for Western Europe. In other words, we have a lot of catching up to do.” In recent years Austrian Post has steadily in­ creased its market share in the CEE parcel busi­ ness. “E-commerce is also gaining in popularity here. We are ahead of our local competitors in many ways thanks to our expertise in shipping parcels,” explains Carsten Wallmann, Head of Turkey and CEE Parcel, emphasising the solid strategic underpinning of the company’s business operations in its international markets. Qualitative and quantitative growth Austrian Post is pursuing two strategic approach­ es with its foreign subsidiaries. Its international engagement focuses on both a qualitative and quantitative level. On the one hand, existing facilities are being modernised, and on the other hand, new sites are being built up. In 2015 alone Austrian Post created more than 5,600 m² of additional office, sorting and storage space, and further capacity increases are planned. At the same time, Austrian Post aims to generate a further increase in ship­ ment volumes and deal with the growing share of e-commerce in CEE by offering sophisticated last mile solutions. Both mail and the pacel segment pave the way in Croatia: “Our mail subsidiary Weber Escal succeeded in raising its addressed letter mail volumes by an impressive 63%,” says a pleased Wolfgang Einer, Head of CEE Mail. In the parcel segment, Overseas Trade created an attractive new option, offering delivery within a time window of two hours at the customer’s request. Moreover, this Austrian Post subsidiary in Croatia launched a new logo within the context of the rebranding initiative for all CEE parcel sub­ sidiaries. The rebranding drive was implemented by Austrian Post in Slovakia in 2014, followed by Croatia and Hungary in 2015. The remaining CEE subsidiaries will conclude their rebranding in 2016. Accordingly, all Austrian Post parcel subsidiaries in the CEE region will appear as one unified brand. Long-term commitment The “gold rush” in CEE has long been over. How­ ever, this does not change Austrian Post’s strategy in this region. The company considers its interna­ tional business activities to be a long-term invest­ ment in the future. This not only applies to South East and Eastern Europe. Austrian Post is more or less present in all other European markets via its participation in the EURODIS network. The B2B network of EURODIS links 35 leading transport companies to create an efficient combined freight distribution service for parcels and pallets. AUSTRIAN POST International Deutschland GmbH based in Bonn supports its business customers with individual solutions for the mailing of their business mail, direct mail, press releases and the dispatching of small-sized goods. API provides comprehensive consulting and services for the entire mailing process for Germany, Austria or around the world thanks to its long- standing know-how, high quality and reliability. CUSTOMER-ORIENTED MAIL SOLUTIONS WITHIN GERMANY AND TO THE WHOLE WORLD ■ AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 201553

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