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Annual Report Magazine FY 2015

AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 2015 57 Austrian Post is considered to be one of Austria’s flagship companies. Thanks to its business operations and infrastructure, it makes an im- portant contribution to the economic success of the country. At the same time, it bears considerable responsibility, not least when it comes to environmental protection and sustainability. THE GREEN WORLD OF YELLOW-BRANDED AUSTRIAN POST E nvironmental initiatives, new energy con­ cepts, international partnerships and on­ going technological improvements make Austrian Post a pioneer with respect to sustaina­ bility. This also demonstrates that, in line with its slogan “Always on the Move”, the company is also on the right environmental path. One exam­ ple is its CO2 NEUTRAL DELIVERY initiative. Within this context, Austrian Post has been de­ terminedly striving since 2011 to sustainably re­ duce its ecological imprint. After all, the mail carriers at Austrian Post travel 290,000 kilo­ metres each day to provide postal services to the Austrian population. In three days, they cover approximately the distance between the Earth and the moon and back. For this purpose the company naturally requires enormous amounts of energy in the form of fuel, electricity, district heat and gas. On balance, the greenhouse gas emissions of Austrian Post amount to about 70,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually. Austrian Post is pursuing a three-phase pro­ gramme in order to reduce the volume of emis­ sions, making it possible to transport and deliver all letters, parcels and direct mail items within Austria in a CO2 neutral manner without excep­ tion. Austrian Post undergoes annual audits conduct­ ed by TÜV Austria Services GmbH. In this way, it makes sure that the CO2 emissions of the com­ pany are calculated correctly and completely off­ set. Accordingly, Austrian Post guarantees CO2 neutral delivery without any added costs in­ curred by its customers. More than 100 years of electromobility Austrian Post’s vehicle fleet produces most of the company’s CO2 emissions. Naturally, the compa­ ny is focusing its environmental protection ac­ tivities on the field of mobility, in particular by expanding its e-vehicle fleet. The “Green Vienna” and “Model Region E-Mobility Post” projects serve as the basis for these efforts. The latter ini­ tiative foresees the expansion of Austrian Post’s e-vehicle fleet to 1,300 by the end of 2016. However, electromobility is by no means a new “My customers have a very positive attitude towards our innovations.” MARKUS KARALL, MAIL CARRIER IN VIENNA-PENZING „ AWARD- WINNING. Austrian Post has already received a number of awards for its ac- tivities in the field of environmental and climate pro- tection. In 2015 it was among the top five in the Carbon Disclo- sure Project and was rated 5th in the industry by oekom research as at January 29, 2016. AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 201557

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