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Annual Report Magazine FY 2015

58 AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 2015 COMPANY DIGITALISATION E-COMMERCE LOGISTICS EMPLOYEES FACTS & FIGURES ECOLOGICALISATION development for Austrian Post, in contrast to many other companies. In 1913, the company already deployed its first e-vehicle. Today the Austrian Post fleet consists of 1,000 e-vehicles, and the electricity required to power the vehicles is derived exclusively from renewable energy sources generated in the photovoltaic facilities located on the roofs of the logistics centres in Vi­ enna-Inzersdorf and Allhaming, Upper Austria. “The new electric quad vehicle ‘Jetflyer’ is one of the new pieces of equipment purchased by Austrian Post in the past year. The single-seat, four-wheel vehicle produced in Styria is not only safe on the roads but can also transport a load of up to 100 kg,” explains Markus Karall, letter mail carrier in Vienna-Penzing, com­ menting on the advantages of this futuristical­ ly-looking vehicle. In the meantime, the entire letter mail delivery operations in Vienna’s 14th district are carried out using electric-powered vehicles. This helps to prevent noise and dust from arising, impressing many customers, as Markus Karall has experi­ enced. “I have often heard comments such as, ‘Great vehicle’ or ‘Ingenious’. My customers have a very positive attitude towards this innovation!” This is not surprising at all. An increasing num­ ber of people are sincerely interested in ensuring climate-friendly mobility. THE THREE-PHASE CO2 NEUTRAL DELIVERY PROGRAMME AUSTRIAN POST IS THE ONLY COMPANY IN THE INDUSTRY IN AUS- TRIA WHICH HAS COMPENSATED FOR ITS EMISSIONS OF GREEN- HOUSE GASES SINCE 2011 THANKS TO ITS CO2 NEUTRAL DELIVERY INITIATIVE. THIS PROGRAMME HAS THREE PILLARS: 1. AVOID EMISSIONS AND INCREASE EFFICIENCY Buildings: • Monitoring of energy consumption • Efficient lighting and room heating concepts Vehicle fleet: • Optimised route planning • Modern vehicle fleet 2. ALTERNATIVE SOURCES OF ENERGY Buildings: • Conversion of the entire electricity procurement to “green electric- ity” and operation of two photovoltaic facilities on the roofs of the Vienna-Inzersdorf and Allhaming Logistics Centres (Upper Austria) Vehicle fleet: • Expansion of the e-vehicle fleet from 1,012 at year-end 2015 to 1,300 vehicles by 2016 • 52 environmentally compatible natural gas-powered vehicles 3. COMPENSATION Finally, all emissions which cannot be avoided at the present time are offset in a third step. This takes place by supporting numerous climate protection projects. The electric-powered vehicles of Austrian Post are exclusively charged with “green” electricity.

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