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Annual Report Magazine FY 2015 - Online Shopping: Out of Love for the Environment!

AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 2015 61 As surprising as it may seem at first, e-commerce actually burdens the environment much less than is commonly thought. This is the conclu- sion of two recent studies which took a close look at CO2 emissions generated as a result of online shopping. ONLINE SHOPPING: OUT OF LOVE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT! I n the first study carried out in 2015, the Aus­ trian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innova­ tion and Technology examined the climate scorecard of e-commerce. It showed that every online purchase reduces the average distance travelled by passenger cars by 7.2 kilometres, equalling CO2 savings of more than 1,000g per purchase. A study conducted by the German Clean Tech Institute came to a similar conclusion: Shopping on the Internet reduces carbon dioxide emissions by an average of 35%. According to the study, a parcel services provider only travels 1.2 kilometres per shipment, much less than is normally driven when individuals go shopping. This means that short distances comprise a key factor in reducing CO2 emissions in the retail business. “With our dense network of postal ser­ vice points and our pick-up stations, pick-up boxes and the Post App, we help to keep distanc­ es short for our e-commerce customers,” says Klaus Hirmann, Customer Initiative Branch Net­ “We make an important con- tribution to climate protection by keeping distances short for e-commerce customers.” KLAUS HIRMANN, CUSTOMER INITIATIVE BRANCH NETWORK work. “We intentionally install our pick-up sta­ tions along highly-frequented routes and at the workplaces of our customers. Moreover, we are steadily expanding our product offering, for ex­ ample by making it possible for customers to se­ lect the optimal pick-up station as an alternative delivery address when they shop on the Internet. In this way Austrian Post not only offers greater comfort in online shopping, but also directly makes an important contribution to climate protection,” he adds. ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY SHOPPING: CO2 EMISSIONS CAUSED BY E-COMMERCE ARE MUCH LOWER THAN COMMONLY THOUGHT. –35% CO2 EMISSIONS WHEN SHOPPING ONLINE 61% Car 23% On foot or by bike 7% Public transport 90g CO2 370g CO2 110g CO2 Depot Many packages in a delivery vehicle = lower CO2 emissions per item 190g CO2 SHOP 460g CO2 PER ITEM WHEN PURCHASED IN RETAIL STORES 300g CO2 PER ITEM WHEN SHOPPING ONLINE Central warehouse ■ EFFECTIVE. Online shop- ping reduces distances in private trans- port and thus CO2 emis- sions. The CO2 neutral delivery significantly reinforces this effect. AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 201561

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