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Annual Report Magazine FY 2015 - “Teamwork” – New Concepts Shape the Future

66 AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 2015 COMPANY DIGITALISATION E-COMMERCE LOGISTICS EMPLOYEES FACTS & FIGURES ECOLOGICALISATION Austrian Post aims to completely restructure its letter mail delivery operations by 2018. The cornerstones of the concept are smaller team structures within the same regional infrastructure and greater responsibil- ity for individual employees. Austrian Post is also strengthening regional responsibility in its branch network. “TEAMWORK” – NEW CONCEPTS SHAPE THE FUTURE T he company has been working intensively on an organisational streamlining of its letter mail distribution for several years. A series of measures have already been successfully integrated into daily business operations. In 2015 the reorganisation already entered the next stage on the basis of a project entitled “Teamwork 2018”. Robert Modliba, Head of Production & Logistics Management, explains what is behind the Teamwork 2018 initiative. “We are now re­ ducing administrative activities for our employ­ ees following the nationwide introduction of new hardware such as mobile data recording devices and a change in processes such as the introduc­ tion of the collective advertising envelope KU­ VERT. In this way we also want to further devel­ op our leadership structures, and optimally equip ourselves to deal with future market changes.” Ambitious goal Austrian Post is moving ahead ambitiously to implement this project. Plans call for an organi­ sational restructuring of letter mail distribution throughout Austria within a period of only four In the Carinthi- an delivery bases of Eberndorf and Wolfsberg, letter mail distribution has already been converted to the concept of “Team- work 2018”. From left: Georg Kues, Bernd Zwantschko, Astrid Gasperlmair and Roland Omelko

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