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Annual Report Magazine FY 2015 - The Many Facets of Commitment

68 AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 2015 COMPANY DIGITALISATION E-COMMERCE LOGISTICS EMPLOYEES FACTS & FIGURES ECOLOGICALISATION Employee satisfaction and business success are closely linked. Who- ever wants to ensure motivation has to offer more than just a monthly paycheck. THE MANY FACETS OF COMMITMENT Survey with consequences Austrian Post carefully listens to its employees, and makes sure that a proper work-life balance is achieved. In 2015 41% of Austrian Post’s staff took part in the employee survey, the second of its kind following the 2013 survey, to express their opinion about the company and make sug­ gestions on how to improve day-to-day work. The organisers of the survey were also satisfied. “The response rate increased from 31% to 41% compared to 2013,” says Verena Abu-Dayeh, Head of Human Resources Development. “We were particularly pleased that every third partici­ pant took advantage of the opportunity to make additional comments in the questionnaire. We see this as a sign of their extensive personal com­ mitment.” The statistical results of the survey also speak for themselves. Higher marks were given to cooper­ ation, workflows, professional development pos­ sibilities and overall satisfaction than in 2013. This clearly demonstrates that Austrian Post takes employee feedback seriously and learns from it, a fact which is acknowledged by the staff. One example is the area of occupational health, in which greater emphasis has been placed on the visibility of the occupational health efforts since the last survey. The employ­ ees gave high grades to the safety measures im­ plemented at work as well as the healthcare of­ fering. For example, Austrian Post launched the project “A healthy heart and you” at the end of 2014. Some 4,500 employees were made aware of the importance of “heart health” within the con­ text of health-related events. Health counseling at the delivery bases and 30 “health days” held at larger sites provided employees with valuable in­ formation about their own health and bodies as well as about nutrition and relaxation, for exam­ ple with the help of Shiatsu techniques. Driver safety trainings were carried out once again in 2015 as a means of preventing traffic accidents. The employee surveys serve as a yard- stick for employee satisfaction in the Austrian Post Group. SOCIAL COMMITMENT OF POSTAL ­PARTNERS. Austrian Post works together with about 50 social welfare organisations. They offer postal services, employing so- cially disadvan- taged people to carry them out, facilitating their (re-)entry in the job market. achieved. In 201541% of Austrian Post’s staff

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