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Annual Report Magazine FY 2015

AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 2015 69 THE SOCIAL PROJECTS AUSTRIAN POST STRONGLY ­SUPPORTS: • Gift parcels for the Christ Child • Christmas in the Shoebox • Radio station Ö3 Wundertüte charity cam- paign • Austria Reads – Meeting Point Library • Children’s Busi- ness Week • Vienna Daugh- ters’ Day • Pickle jar cam- paign of Caritas to fight hunger in the poorest countries in the world • Welcome packs 311 employees participated in 29 training ses­ sions and were schooled in safe and fuel-efficient driving. After evaluating the 2015 survey results, the or­ ganisers have identified a need to take action in the future. “In particular, we see the potential to improve communication and leadership. These conclusions will serve as the starting point to further increase the satisfaction of our colleagues in the company,” Verena Abu-Dayeh adds. Family comes first! Ensuring the compatibility of career and family may easily entail huge efforts. Many parents de­ pend on the understanding and goodwill of their employers. However, this has long been part and parcel of Austrian Post’s offering. Employees with families can rely on a number of measures, in­ cluding the possibility of part-time work and ac­ tive time-out management. This commitment was also confirmed by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy in 2013. Austrian Post is implementing the “careerandfamily” audit, a three-year programme designed to further im­ prove the compatibility of family and career. Applause for Austrian Post Some Post employees also like to blow their horns during their leisure time, giving voice to their musical talents in one of seven Post bands or in one of the two company choirs. On bal­ ance, Austrian Post ensembles put 400 perform­ ers on the stage, but not only in the proverbial sense. The performances of employees during a Karl Kraus production in Vienna’s Burgtheater as well as the two appearances at the “Wiener Wies’n”, the Viennese equivalent of the Oktober­ fest, and the Austrian Brass Music Festival in Vi­ enna in June 2015, garnered enthusiastic ap­ plause. Austrian Post employees are also supported by their employer when it comes to their sporting ambitions. In 2015, a total of 3,847 employees took part in 14 running events for which the company and post.sozial paid all the registration fees. Austrian Post also promotes this type of shared leisure activities because it knows that this feel­ ing of cohesion and team spirit also extends to the workplace. Austrian Post is socially responsible Austrian Post also wants to reinforce team cohe­ sion in the company on the basis of its social commitment. The main platform is the associa­ tion “post.sozial”, which was established ten years ago in order to bundle the numerous social THE NEW “POST AT ROCHUS” AUSTRIAN POST’S NEW HEADQUARTERS IN THE ROCHUSMARKT AREA CREATES AN IDEAL POLE POSITION FOR A SPRINT INTO THE FUTURE. The new building complex should be ready for occupancy in the fall of 2017. The building offers commercial space for consumer goods, restau- rants, shops and other services covering about 8,000 m² of usable floor space, amongst other purposes, and will provide Austrian Post employees with a modern working environment featuring state-of-the-art technical equipment. The ground-breaking ceremony for the eight-storey building designed to house about 1,100 employees took place in the spring of 2015. The team of architects from the firms Schenker Salvi Weber and feld72 has developed an innovative overall concept for “Post at Rochus”. The working areas in the new corporate headquarters are designed to support the multifaceted tasks carried out by employees. The structure for such “activity-based” work is based on an open office concept. In addition to conventional workplaces, quiet zones will be set up for concentrated individual work, along with communication rooms for discussions or short meetings as well as possibilities for informal exchanges of views and relaxation. In this way an optimal environment will be created to systemati- cally promote cooperation and communication. services provided by Austrian Post for its em­ ployees. Its services include financial assistance in emergency situations, lower-priced tickets for cultural and sporting events and holiday deals for colleagues. The holiday lodge of Austrian Post located in Bad Mitterndorf was reopened in 2015, just in time for the 10th anniversary of the association. The holiday lodges in Vienna and Mayrhofen were renovated. Close to 55,600 holi­ day nights were spent within the context of the post.sozial destinations in 2015. Austrian Post’s social involvement also impacts society outside of the company. For example, Austrian Post has played a major role in the “Ö3 Wundertüte” charity campaign since 2005. A to­ tal of 388,000 used mobile phones were collected in 2015 within the context of this initiative, re­ sulting in donations of EUR 582,000 for the emergency aid funds of “Licht ins Dunkel” (“Light into the Darkness”) and Caritas. In addi­ tion to numerous other charitable projects (see box), Austrian Post was also involved in refugee relief efforts. Within the context of the “Wel­ come packs for refugees” campaign, the compa­ ny assumed responsibility for delivering close to 12,000 parcels containing contributions in kind from the entire country to the Austrian Workers’ Samaritan Federation – naturally mailed free of charge. Post.sozial also set up a separate bank ac­ count for donations, thus providing assistance quickly and unbureaucratically on the basis of existing structures. ■ AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 201569

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