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Annual Report Magazine FY 2015

AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 2015 71 ■ T he Post relay team started from Klösterle in Vorarlberg shortly after midnight on June 27, 2015 to carry out “Mission:Susi” and headed in the direction of Vienna. What stood between them and their destination were almost 600 kilometres, an altitude of 4,000 me­ tres and thousands of people cheering the run­ ners along the route or accompanying them in groups. 43 hours later, Anna Lutz reached the finishing line at Schönbrunn Palace. “The atmos­ phere along the route was really great. I will cer­ tainly never forget this day,” she enthusiastically stated after her leg of the relay. Austrian Post CEO Georg Pölzl was also thrilled after this successful mission. “I am incredibly proud of the outstanding achievements of our people on this weekend. But it fills me with even greater pride to see what our employees on the delivery staff, in the branch offices, logistics cen­ tres and management succeed in doing day in and day out.” By the way, Mission:Susi was entered into the Guinness Book of Records. This world record was not only made possible by the accomplishments of the 79 relay runners. Hundreds of helpers and organisers formed a strong team, demonstrating that great things can be achieved together. Mr. Assinger, you motivated the runners in Mission:Susi to achieve such an outstand- ing performance, which ultimately led to a world re- cord. What is the importance of team spirit for individual achievements? ARMIN ASSINGER: During my career as an athlete, motivation by the team and nat­ urally the spectators were always enormously impor­ tant factors. Being able to perform at your very best involves pushing yourself to the limit. In this situation, you are grateful that people cheer you and get you to keep at it. Would you say that sports can provide an impor- tant impetus for motivation in everyday life? Definitely! Sportiness is carried over into other areas of one’s life. That is why I consider it a good thing that Austrian Post promotes the athletic activities of its employees. There are a number of other initiatives in addition to Mission:Susi. Sport gave me so much which I profit from even today, for example self-con­ fidence, team spirit, concentration and above all personal motivation. How did you motivate the runners taking part in Mission:Susi to push themselves beyond their own limits? To get straight to the point, the runners were all very motivated from the very beginning. However, it was important for me to once again make them aware of the objective of this mission, and to make it clear to them that they were part of a team whose success depended on each one of them. Austrian professional skier and TV pre- senter Armin Assinger talks about his role as a motivator for Mission:Susi. “TEAM SUCCESS DEPENDS ON EVERY INDIVIDUAL.” AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 201571

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