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Annual Report Magazine FY 2015 - Corporate Governance

80 AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 2015 COMPANY DIGITALISATION E-COMMERCE LOGISTICS EMPLOYEES FACTS & FIGURES ECOLOGICALISATION 50% of the Supervisory Board members elected by the Annual General Meeting are women. 26 Management Board meetings, five Supervisory Board sessions, three meetings each of the Audit and Parcel & Logistics Committees took place in 2015. 1company in Austria – Austrian Post – offers shareholders the possibility to cast their votes at the Annual General Meeting per absentee ballot. A shareholder ID survey carried out in Jan- uary 2016 concluded that, in addition to the main shareholder ÖBIB, 40% of all Austrian Post shares are held by European investors (unchanged compared to the previous analy- sis in January 2015). All in all, 16.9% of these shares are held by private and institutional investors in Austria (+1.6 percentage points), 12.5% in Continental Europe (–2.6 percent- age points) and 9.5% in Great Britain (–0.4 percentage points). A total of 8.2% of the shares (+1.5 percentage points) are currently held by North American investors (USA and Canada), whereas investors in the rest of the world account for 0.1% (unchanged). ÖBIB Private and institutional investors in Austria Continental Europe (excl. Austria) UK and Ireland North America Rest of the world 0.1% 8.2% 9.5% 12.5% 16.9% 52.8% The term “corporate governance” stands for responsible corporate man- agement and control geared towards the long-term creation of value. Key aspects of good corporate governance include the efficient cooperation between the Man- agement Board and Supervisory Board, respect for the interests of shareholders as well as openness and transparency in corporate communications. Accordingly, corporate governance at Austrian Post en- compasses all business areas in the com- pany. It promotes the confidence in the management and supervision of the com- pany on the part of investors, financial markets, business partners, employees and the general public, and is an essential basis for sustained corporate success. Austrian Post continually subjects its in- formation and work processes to a critical analysis in the spirit of actively practised corporate governance. In particular, the mode of operation of the Management Board and Supervisory Board is assessed within the context of regular evaluation processes and adjusted in line with the results. Corporate governance at Austrian Post is oriented to the Austrian Corporate Governance Code, which serves as an in- dispensable benchmark on the Austrian capital market for the business manage- ment of publicly listed companies. CORPORATE GOVERNANCE SHAREHOLDER STRUCTURE OF AUSTRIAN POST BASE: 67.6M SHARES ■

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