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Annual Report Magazine FY 2015 - Compliance

AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 2015 81 237employee inquiries on the topics of the acceptance and granting of gifts, donations and sponsoring as well as the Code of Conduct and Ethics of Austrian Post were answered by the Compliance Help Desk. 726employees attended 77 classroom training sessions focusing on the revised Group guidelines on the “Acceptance and Granting of Gifts, Invitations and Other Advantages”. Austrian Post attaches great impor- tance to ensuring complete compli- ance with all regulations applying to the company. A comprehensive set of internal rules and a diverse range of measures provide the basis for lawful and proper conduct on the part of the company and its employees. In recent years Austrian Post has resolutely pursued its goal of de- veloping a strong, Group-wide compli- ance culture. The underlying conviction is that compliance makes an important con- tribution to corporate development and value creation. One specific consequence of a vibrant compliance culture is to avoid liability risks or prevent the company and its employees from suffering other detri- mental legal repercussions. In addition, a widespread awareness of which legal or internal rules must be complied with helps all employees to breathe life into the corporate values and further advance the corporate culture. Last but not least, compliance is an important factor for Austrian Post in its efforts to be perceived by its customers, business partners, sharehold- ers as well as the general public as a fair and reliable partner acting in a transparent manner. COMPLIANCE 515 employees have completed the new e-learning pro- gramme on the issue of capital market compliance. CAPITAL MARKET COMPLIANCE The compliance manage- ment system of Austrian Post was improved once again as a consequence of the conversion from a man- ual insider register to an electronic data base solu- tion. The training concept was also upgraded. ANTITRUST COMPLIANCE At the end of 2015 the deci- sion was made to integrate antitrust compliance as an additional priority in the com- pliance management system of Austrian Post. A manual on antitrust compliance and target group-oriented train- ing measures are planned for 2016. COMPLIANCE ORGANISATION Austrian Post’s Interna- tional Compliance Day was already held for the third time in the fall of 2015. The annual Group-wide com- pliance risk assessment is another integral part of the compliance programme. BUSINESS COMPLIANCE In addition to the revised internal rules on the “Ac- ceptance and Granting of Gifts, Invitations and Other Advantages”, new Group guidelines on donations and sponsoring were adopted in 2015. A new campaign on the issue of compliance awareness was launched. ■ AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 201581

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