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Annual Report Magazine FY 2015 - Sustainability

82 AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 2015 COMPANY DIGITALISATION E-COMMERCE LOGISTICS EMPLOYEES FACTS & FIGURES ECOLOGICALISATION Austrian Post believes that the sustain-­ able orientation of its business oper­ ations will open up major opportunities for the entire company. In order to proactively exploit these opportunities, the company has implemented a wide range of meas- ures based on the Group-wide mission statement. It encompasses three core val- ues: customer orientation, profitability and sustainability and finally communication and appreciation. These core values should be lived by all employees in their daily work and comprise the basis for all types of decisions. Sustainable corporate management will practically arise by itself if the company succeeds in consistently ori- enting its activities to the core values con- tained in the mission statement. The sustainability strategy of Austrian Post based on its mission statement encom- passes the four dimensions of economy, employees, society and the environment. Precise goals and measures were deter- mined for each of these areas, which are carefully and closely aligned to each other. Key issues for Austrian Post range from ensuring a reliable supply of postal ser­ vices and the company’s social commit- ment to appreciation and support for its employees, maximum resource efficiency and a sustainable creation of value. Only a profitable company can make a long-term contribution to sustainability. Furthermore, all relevant stakeholders are involved as much as possible in the sustainable struc- turing of corporate management. SUSTAINABILITY 14 Viennese districts were already converted by the end of 2015. Mail and direct mail items to private customers are delivered exclusively by foot or using e-powered vehicles. 84different nationalities make up the staff of Austrian Post. 1,012electric-powered vehicles were already operated by Austrian Post throughout the country at year-end 2015. SUSTAINABILITY REPORTING Austrian Post has been publishing sustainability reports for years in order to document its activities in this field and provide public access to this information. In addition to its annual Sustainability Magazine, it compiles a GRI Sustain- ability Report whose contents and structure are oriented to the Global Reporting Initiative. This is done to ensure comparability and transparency for its stakeholders. The sustainability reports of Austrian Post are available on the Internet at ■

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