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Annual Report Magazine FY 2015

AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 2015 83 DIMENSIONS OF SUSTAINABILITY – BENEFITS FOR ALL STAKEHOLDERS CSR 80,787 kilometres represent the distance covered by Austrian Post employees in 2015 at various running events (with the excep- tion of Mission:Susi; refer to page 70). 3,000“Gift parcels for the Christ Child” were sent before Christmas by Austrian Post in cooperation with the Austrian Workers’ Samaritan Federation. 51of all 1,281 postal partners are involved in social projects. SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGY Within the context of its sustainability strategy, Austrian Post plans and acts in four focus areas i.e. employees, society, environment and economy, each featur- ing corresponding objectives and meas- ures closely attuned to each other and in harmony with the company’s strategic targets. This is the only way the compa- ny can be managed in a future-oriented and sustainable manner. Reliability of Supply Environmental Management Climate Protection Raising Awareness Service Orientation Social Engagement Qualification and Change Health and Safety Corporate and Leadership Culture SOCIETYEMPLOYEES ENVIRONMENTECONOMY High Proftability Attractive Dividends Solid Business Model Corporate Social Responsibility ■ ECONOMY – Only an economically successful company can seriously assume its corporate social responsibility on a long-term basis and at the same time make an appropriate contribution to fulfilling social and ecological needs. ■ SOCIETY – Austrian Post bears a considerable responsibility to society as a universal services provid- er with the capacity to ensure the reliable, nationwide supply of postal services. Because of its impor- tance to the country, Austrian Post is also committed to sustainably taking an active part in society. ■ ENVIRONMENT – Austrian Post operates in a ressource-intensive business and thus continually strives to identify optimisation potential to minimise its ecological footprint. Austrian Post also plays a pioneering role internationally thanks to its CO2 NEUTRAL DELIVERY initiative. ■ EMPLOYEES – Austrian Post is clearly aware of its responsibility to its employees. Motivated and productive employees are the basis for corporate success. High value must be placed on the factor “employees”, especially in a service company. AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 201583

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