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Annual Report Magazine FY 2015 - Glossary & Keyword Index

AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 2015 85 ABSENTEE (OR POSTAL) VOTING is a form of dem- ocratic participation in which votes are cast by mail. BUSINESS TO BUSINESS (B2B) refers to business transactions among companies. BUSINESS TO CONSUMER (B2C) In contrast to B2B, the private customer and enduser is the recipient of a mailing from a business. COMPLIANCE stands for adherence to all laws and guidelines relevant to a company and the accompany- ing measures. CONSUMER TO CONSUMER (C2C) refers to the business relationships among private individuals. CORPORATE GOVERNANCE The rules and princi- ples of responsible management and control in the interests of all stakeholders; the standards for Austrian companies are laid out in the Austrian Corporate Governance Code. DELIVERY BASES are hubs in a distribution network serving as bases from which delivery staff serve their postal delivery areas. DIRECT MAIL is an advertising mail item addressed to potential customers which features substantially less divergence loss in comparison to unaddressed advertising. E-COMMERCE refers to merchandise trading which takes place completely via the Internet. GLOSSARY Business model p. 20, 74 Climate protection p. 19, 57 ff., 83 CO2 NEUTRAL DELIVERY p. 19, 57 f., 83 Customer benefits p. 38 f., 40 f. Earnings 2015 p. 15, 22 f. Food logistics p. 39, 48 ff. Handhelds p. 67 Innovation p. 21, 31, 38, 46 f., 48 f., 52, 57 f. Investor Relations p. 78, 87 Management Board p. 10 ff. Market environment p. 17 f., 78 New products/services p. 18, 20, 38 Performance indicators p. 79, 84 Pick-up station p. 38, 61 Post App p. 14, 38, 41, 61 Postal partner offices p. 68, 76, 83 Post share p. 15, 22 f., 78, 80 Self-service zones p. 21, 38, 76 Shareholder structure p. 80 Speciality Logistics p. 21, 48 ff., 77 Stakeholders p. 82 f. Strategy p. 10 ff., 17 ff., 20 ff., 53, 74, 82 f. Sustainability p. 79, 82 f. Total shareholder return p. 15, 22 f., 78 f. Trends p. 3, 12 ff., 17 f., 20, 26, 39, INDEX E-MOBILITY encompasses every form of mobility using electrically-powered vehicles. E-SUBSTITUTION refers to the international trend towards declining letter mail volumes caused by the increased use of electronic forms of communication. FOOD LOGISTICS refer to a niche of specialty logis- tics focusing exclusively on food delivery. LOGISTICS CENTRE High-tech facilities of Austrian Post sorting large volumes of letters and/or parcels as fast as possible with the help of state-of-the-art conveyor and sorting systems before transporting the mail items to the delivery bases. PHILATELY is the art of collecting stamps, intensively focusing on historical and exquisite postage stamps. POSTAL SERVICE POINTS Some1,800 company-op- erated branches or partner-operated postal service points ensure nationwide postal service throughout Austria. POSTAL PARTNER OFFICES operated, for example, by food stores, tobacconists, municipal offices or petrol stations, offer postal and financial services. SELF-SERVICE ZONES enable 24/7 use of postal services, and often include so-called pick-up stations for (registered) letters and parcels in addition to pack- ing, franking and posting. AUSTRIAN POST ANNUAL REPORT 201585

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