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Products & Services

Glimpse into a postal branch

At the branch of your choice, we make things easy for you: postal services, banking transactions and hassle-free shopping are available for your convenience. To purchase the products described here, please go to your local branch.

To purchase the products described here, please go to your postal branch.

Packaging Material
We have a wide selection of bubble wrap mailers and envelopes. At your local postal branch, you will also find our Postbox shipping boxes in different sizes for safe shipping. If you want to ship valuables, choose our Wert.Brief insured letter mailers. You also have the option of ordering shipping supplies online. Just click here.

Franking Service
Use our franking service to have your items franked and delivered to any destination in Austria or abroad. You will save time and you can be sure that your letter mail items will always have the correct postage! The minimum number of letter mail items is 30. The additional cost for this service is very low: we charge EUR 0.19 per item in addition to postage and fees for extra services.

The following extra services are available
Registered mail only
Deliver to addressee only
Do not deliver to authorized agents
Advice of receipt

Special-issue stamps by Austrian Post are well-known around the world. Stamps are a perfect way to artistically commemorate different occasions and to depict interesting subjects and issues while getting a message out to the world.

Our definitive stamps, used primarily for postage payment, are created with loving attention to detail and printed in thematic series.

Please go to our Philately Pages to learn everything about stamps, our issue programme, the latest news and to join a discussion group.
Do not miss our online philately shop! Click on this link for direct access.

At your local postal branch, we also have music CDs, audio books and the latest movies on Blue Ray and DVD. Our large selection includes something for everybody!

Use a prepaid iTunes gift card to download music from the major download store to your device, be it an iPad, iPod or iPhone, at your leisure.  iTunes is available for Mac and Windows computers.

Use this option to pay for services rendered in your home for simple gardening work, child care or cleaning, including social benefits.

  • The use of a service chek includes accident insurance and voluntary health and retirement insurance as an option.
  • Purchse service checks at any postal branch or with any Austrian Post Partner and give them to your employer.
  • These checks are available in incremental amounts up to EUR 100 per service check.


Bitpanda certificates are available at more than 400 postal branches and 1,300 Austrian Post partners throughout Austria. You can exchange them for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and Litecoin in a matter of seconds.

For more information, please see

Whether you prefer traditional photography or digital photos: in collaboration with our business partners, Austrian Post also offers photo printing services. Choose from a wide array of options.

Go to our photo shop


Browse our selection of great gift ideas for kids and adults. We have gifts for all occasions and every budget. Austrian Post makes shopping for gifts easy and convenient.

If you woud like to learn more about soil quality or mildew problems in your immediate surroundings, you have come to the right place. We offer test kits for soil, water and mildew. These kits are available at your postal branch.

Our copying and fax service is yet another service by Austrian Post that makes your life easier. In addition, it is reliable and convenient.

Copying Service
At approximately 280 postal branches, you have the option of making copies in the formats A4 and A3.

 20 cents per copy (without Copycard)
 50 copies at just EUR 7.00 (with Copycard)
150 copies at just EUR 18.00 (wihthout Copycard)

Fax Service
Our fax sending service is available at all postal branches.

The rate for our fax service includes the basis fee and the transmission fee. The basic fee depends on the number of pages: the charge is EUR 1.99 for up to 5 pages and another EUR 1.99 for any additional 5 pages or parts thereof. In addition, the actual transmission costs will be charged (transmission fee for self-service connections as defined in the GTC Telephone, public units). The transmission begins when the time the recipient’s fax number is dialled and ends with the print-out of the transmission report.
As a matter of course, the fee will only be due if the transmission was successful, as indicated by a positive transmission report.

Win it big with little money with scratch lottery tickets and other products. Do not miss this chance to win 100,000 Euro in cash or a lifelong payment of 3,000 Euro per month.
For more information about products by Österreichische Lotterien, please click here.

Get that extra serving of bubbles for your water.

Effective immediately, you can now exchange your empty CO2 Linde cylinders for new ones at selected postal branches. These replacement cylinders can be used for all popular brands on the market.

In addition, the entire range of MySodapop products is now available in our Austrian Post Online Shop!

For more information, please visit

More information

Choose from our wide range of traditional office products including copy paper, note pads and pens as well as novelties such as Lanybook, the exclusive notebook.

Tickets for short-term parking in Vienna:

Tickets for short-term parking areas in Vienna are available at all Austrian Post branches in and around Vienna.

The following tickets are available:

Description Price in EUR
PARKING TICKET 30 min 1.05


Upload documents at home or anywhere and print them at a postal office

Do you need a printer to print your documents? We have the solution for you: effective immediately, our postal branches with self-service printers are not only available for making copies and sending faxes, but also for printing documents.

Just follow these easy steps:

  • Upload documents
  • You will receive a confirmation with a printing code via e-mail
  • Go to a postal branch that has a self-service printer
  • Before you start, insert coins or a copy card
  • Enter your printing code directly on the printer by going to Post Online Printing
  • Select document and print.


  • Service available throughout Austria 24/7
  • One-stop shop: copies, faxes, printouts


Go to Austrian Post Online Printing Service

Withdraw money, deposit money, check your account balance, print your account statement or transfer money - 365 days a year, almost 24/7: use our self-service machines located in our entrance area to take care of your banking needs without having to worry about opening hours. Use our branch locator to find a postal branch near you that offers the services you need.

Our 24-hour services make your life easier. Collect parcels, withdraw money, make bank transfers at any time of the day or night, independently of your postal branch's opening hours. Pick up parcels around the clock, 365 days a year, whenever you have time - at your preferred pick-up kiosk. 24 fully automatic parcel machines are available in Vienna, where you can pick up parcels AND return them to mail-order companies anytime, day or night. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year ... more

PO Boxes - nothing but advantages
PO boxes are available at all postal branches and many of them are accessible around the clock, independently of the branch's opening hours. This allows you to collect your mail anytime you want. Learn more about our services, rates and your benefits...more


Have your mail delivered to your PO box always or for a limited time. Vacation hold mail is also an option. Use this service to manage your mail discreetly and safely. Click here for detailed information about this service, its benefits and rates: PO box and Vacation hold mail.

GTC PO Box/Vacation Hold Mail.pdf (available in German only)