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Dimensions and weight for domestic EMS

EMS letter and

EMS items shipped to domestic destinations must meet the following weight limits and dimensions:

Minimum dimensions: 9 x 14 cm
Maximum length:            200 cm
Maximum girth: 1)            360 cm
Maximum weight:             31.5 kg

1) Girth is the sum of length and circumference of your EMS item.

Special shipping:

EMS items that exceed the standard dimensions or that cannot be processed on our automated facility due to their shape or nature have to be processed manually (e.g. tubes, round items, unpackaged objects, cages, glass, electronics, etc.)

These items are:


  • Non-rectangular EMS items smaller than 100 x 60 x 60
  • EMS items larger than 100 x 60 x 60 of any shape (up to the maximum dimensions: 200 cm length, 36 girth (=length + circumference))


EMS items (of all shapes up to the maximum dimensions, 200 cm length, 360 girth) with fragile content and/or content sensitive to vibrations. Austrian Post will handle such items with extra care. (Among others, the following articles are sensitive to vibrations: CD/DVD players, electronics, notebooks, computers and accessories, coffee machines, etc.)


1) Girth =  length + circumference of your EMS item.


Shipping bulky/oversize EMS items:
We also handle bulky EMS items. If our machines and sorting facilities cannot handle your item, we will take care of it manually.


Useful Links

Useful Links