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Products for International Letter Mail

International letter mail

Are you looking for a safe and straightforward way of sending international letters?
We have the shipping solutions that meet your needs.

The following products and shipping options are available for international letter mail:

Brief International is our classic product for international letter mail. There is nothing like international letter mail to stay in touch with friends and family around the world.

Additional services available: registered mail, advice of delivery, deliver to the addressee in person, insured letter, cash-on-delivery

International Letter Mail Plus is an inexpensive shipping option available if the following requirements are met:

  • A minimum of 20 letters per batch (additional charge for missing items possible)
  • EUR 15 minimum per batch (including all additional services)
  • Pre-printed and completed dispatch note
  • Postage paid for with the Austrian Post indicia

Possible additional services: registered mail, advice of delivery, deliver to the addressee in person, cash-on-delivery

Shipoing as M-Bag International is available for newspapers, magazines, books, brochures, music scores and maps, provided that specific criteria are met. Customers may add an invoice, a delivery note, a copy of the order form for books as well as a loose note. This service is not available for commercial purposes. Therefore, no price lists, advertising or other commercial items may be included. The posting of M-bags International is only possible in postal service points. Before posting these items, please ensure that

  • you tie the bag with a cord or strap that comes off easily and is easy to attach after having been removed.
  • you use a highly resistant tag for the address, which needs to include the following information: the recipient's address, postage, total weight of the bag and information about extra services, if applicable.

Possible additional services: registered mail (excluding the United States and Canada), advice of delivery, deliver to addressee in person


Letter mail rates for international mail with the option Priority tariff zone Rest of Europe also apply to letters sent from and to military post offices abroad.

Currently, three military post offices are in operation:

  • 1502 AUTCON EUFOR (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
  • 1503 AUTCON KFOR (Kosovo)
  • 1504 AUTCON UNIFIL (Lebanon)

Possible additional service: registered mail

The following items may be sent as a “Blindensendung” (International Delivery of Literature for the Blind): Braille publications, sound recordings, special papers or any other accessory designed to master difficulties related to blindness intended solely for the use of blind people, provided that they are sent by or addressed to an officially recognised institute for the blind or a blind person. The following criteria must be met: Items must

  • be sent unsealed
  • be identified as “Cécogramme - Envois pour les aveugles” in the franking area
  • include the information “do not postmark” if no additional services are demanded

Items sent as a “Blindensendung” may not bear any notes or include personal documents or documents of current relevance. They shall not contain cancelled stamps or stamps in mint condition or special-value items. Literature for the blind is exempt from postal charges with the exception of extra services.

Possible additional services: registered mail, advice of delivery, deliver to addressee in person, cash-on-delivery

For the time being, we cannot ship international items to Syria.

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