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Online Parcel Stamps

printer prints stamp for parcel

Create your own parcel stamps for your parcels. It's easy and it takes almost no time to create your customised parcel stamps online. The sum of your parcel's longest and shortest side will determine the shipping rate. Parcel stamps do not depend on weight.

Swift shipping with our Express Parcel Stamps and customised fees!

What do I have to do to get online parcel stamps?

Order parcel stamps now

  • Not the weight, but your parcel's dimensions determine the price
  • Online overview of item and recipient data available
  • Can be customised with logos and images
  • Also available for many EU countries
  • Parcels with parcel stamps may be posted at the following locations:
  • At all Austrian Post service locations
  • OMV filling stations with VIVA OMV service
  • Around the clock at selected Austrian Post service locations
  • With Austrian Post rural delivery persons


The size, not the weight, determines the applicable rate:


 Parcel stamps (standard)  Austria  Germany  All other EU countries**
 PS 45 *  3.90  9.90  12.90
 PS 70 *  5.90  14.90  17.90
 PS 120 *  7.90  19.90  22.90



 Express parcel stamps  Austria
 PS 45 *  8.90
 PS 70 *  10.90
 PS 120 *  12.90


* PS   45 = Sum of longest and shortest side of the parcel: max. 45 cm):
  PS   70 = Sum of longest and shortest side of the parcel: max. 70 cm):
  PS 120 = Sum of longest and shortest side of the parcel: max. 120 cm):

** All other EU countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Great Britain, Italy,  Ireland, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania,
                              Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain,
                              Czech Republick, Hungary, Cyprus. Please note that we cannot ship to overseas territories that are not part of the EU's customs and tax area (such as Greenland, Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Channel Islands, etc.).

Please note that the maximum weight for all parcels is 31.5 kg.
Austrian Post's liability is limited at EUR 510.
Please note: different rates apply to parcels posted in our self-service area.


Posting your parcel with a parcel stamp is easy - just see for yourself!