Autostore Fuellfilment
Autostore Fuellfilment

Austrian Post fulfillment services Systems logistics with Autostore

Fully automated warehousing is a service that will take your company's efficiency to the next level. Are you wondering how it works? Just see for yourself.

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Autostore Fuellfilment

What Austrian Post's fulfillment services can do for your business

  • significantly higher pick performance
  • swift handling, fast response times, and ultimately immediate purchase orders for clients
  • late cut-off times and next-day delivery
  • close to Vienna for same-day delivery in greater Vienna 
  • scaleable – our fulfillment services will grow with you
  • adapts to fluctuations in seasons and weekdays
  • sustainable: 10 robots use as much electricity as a vaccuum cleaner and need no lighting
  • highly productive and cost-efficient
Fuellfillment big companies

Fulfillment services for large companies

Just give us the master data for the articles you want stored (incl. dimensions and incoming and outgoing merchandise for 1 to 3 months). We will determine the required hardware and you will receive our quote without delay. As soon as the contract has been drafted, we will order the required hardware. Within hours of delivery, we will add it for you. This will take your company’s efficiency to the next level!

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Fuellfillment small companies

Fulfillment services for small or medium-sized enterprises

Small or medium-sized enterprises can even enjoy our fulfilment services at a fixed rate. Just give us the master data for the articles you want stored or the transaction data. We will calculate the needed quantities. Once the components are delivered, they can be integrated into our system within a few hours and you are already filling your business with efficiency!

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Autostore Fuellfilment

Austrian Post Fulfillment services are taking shape

The operations of Post Fulfillment are in full swing. The first client has been successfully up and running since July. The planned performance indicators have even been exceeded in actual operation. We are currently working to seamlessly integrate our second client into our facility.

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Autostore Fuellfilment

FAQ, fulfillment services

For SMEs, we have fixed prices that we will be happy to share with you upon request. To do that, please use our form. For large businesses, we need more advance notice to calculate the required hardware based on the logistics data we receive. We will use this information to issue a tailor-made quote. Please use our form to get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

In Q1, our new AutoStore facility will start operating. For new clients, we can purchase additional hardware (containers, robots, ports) after an agreement has been signed. As soon as the additional hardware has been delivered and started operating, the warehousing process can start.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange an in-person meeting, please use the form above. We will get in touch with you shortly.

The warehouse of Austrian Post System Logistics for fulfillment clients is located in Enzersdorf/Fischa, in immediate proximity to Vienna airport. At this location, we have more than 18,000m² of storage space available.

For its clients, Austrian Post System Logistics has a comprehensive solution, which allows us to store many different articles in our high-rise storage racks and AutoStore. High-rise storage racks are a great choice for bulky and fast-turning articles, while AutoStore is great for small articles (max. 60x40x31cm) with varying sales cycles.

At Austrian Post System Logistics, we believe in helping our clients grow. Just let us know the growth you expect and we will check if additional hardware is required. 

Our subsidiary ACL is a full-service provider for IT services. We use flexible interface formats to find a solution that fits always. For SMEs, we have standard interfaces that allow for easy and quick connections.

The package includes standard reports with a real-time dashboard. Our experts are there for you if you have any special requests.

Orders received from clients before 6:00 p.m. will be prepared for shipping on the same day.