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Advertising solutions by Austrian Post make it happen.

Building bridges

We build bridges between you and your clients. As an advertising expert for all industries and as of the country's largest service providers, we have a deep understanding of corporate challenges. We can help, whether you want to win new clients or reach out to existing clients with personalised offers.

Use our offline and digital advertising portfolio for solutions to get your message to your clients with pinpoint accuracy. Get your advertising messages to where your clients actually are.

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Personalised advertising

We are aware of the advantages of personal communication and are certain that real-life, tangible, and interactive communication reaches people. With personally addressed advertising mail, you will reach your target audience right in their comfort zone.

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Maximum reach

We know how to make your message shine. Use our products to achieve maximum reach among your target audience. Whether you prefer leaflets, Kuvert, display advertising, Aktionsfinder or DOOH: we have the solution that matches your needs.

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Our value commitment

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    Staying in touch to create new connections.

    We know the Austrian market and its consumers better than anyone. Having been in close touch with them for many years, we can offer innovative advertising solutions designed to find new clients and keep existing clients.

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    Staying flexible to make things happen.

    Our flexible advertising world provides access to all our products and services for sophisticated advertising solutions. Let us assist you in all your endeavours, from media planning all the way to digital and offline implementation.

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    Expertise that opens up new opportunities.

    As an entrepreneur, you want to keep growing. We as your business partners can provide comprehensive advertising solutions that allow you to reach your target audiences with pinpoint accuracy.