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What we are looking for

In a nutshell: we are looking for new, sustainable, and innovative ideas to help evolve existing business models. After all, we work in an industry that is subject to constant change resulting from digitalisation and internationalisation. Our collaboration with any start-up that shares our innovative mindset relies on innovative technologies and business ideas.


Delivery and logistics

As a leading logistics service provider, we believe in providing the very best service to our clients. Any solutions that will make the delivery and collection of letters and parcels more convenient, safer, more sustainable, and more inexpensive are essential for us. This includes service modules that are visible to clients, such as posting, collection and item-related services. Other areas include challenges related to digitalisation such as AI-based robotisation both at logistics centres and during shipping.

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Austrian Post operates Austria’s most popular online shopping platform, Shöpping. In addition, Austrian Post offers comprehensive online retail services to its clients, from online shops to customer service and frontend to backend, from warehousing to fulfilment. The focus of our innovative work lies on topics such as automatisation and predictive analytics, which is in line with our clients’ increased need for efficiency, flexibility, and resilience.

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Branches & financial services

bank99 is an important player on the Austrian financial market. We are looking for finance-related solutions to complement our service portfolio that will add value for our private and business clients. At Austrian Post’s roughly 1,800 service locations, we not only serve clients of bank99, but also offer a wide range of products and services, which run the gamut from retail products all the way to telecommunication services.

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Digital and physical advertising

Austrian Post has been expanding the field of physical, printed, and addressed advertising mail by adding digital solutions, e.g., in the area of e-mail marketing or with our Aktionsfinder platform that aggregates special offers and discounts. In addition, Austrian Post offers programmatic advertising via adserve, a full-service agency for digital marketing. Our Austrian Post window advertising service has evolved into a tight network of DOOH advertising that we gradually enlarge and expand. We are always looking for new digital and physical formats to expand our range of marketing services.

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Business process

Business processes

Austrian Post is the leading provider of innovative, physical, and digital business process solutions. Austria’s premier companies in numerous industries rely on our efficient business solutions in the areas of input and business automation, document logistics as well as output management. In addition to providing services that take our clients’ efficiency to the next level, we see innovation in the area of artificial intelligence as a key technology.

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Sustainable logistics

Sustainable logistics

We have been providing CO2-neutral delivery for all items in Austria since 2011. In addition, we have continuously reduced greenhouse gas emissions and, as a last step, been offsetting our emissions by funding climate projects. What makes Austrian Post stand out as a logistics provider with a strong focus on sustainability are, among others, Austria’s largest fleet of e-vehicles, our six photovoltaic plants on the roofs of our logistics centres (which together produce more than 2.5 MWp of green energy), Austrian Post’s biodiversity projects and our activities related to the circular economy.

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We are looking for ideas for collaboration that will advance our company on different levels. We want ideas that will allow us to work on future challenges together.

Our collaboration

In our fields of innovation, we bring a wide range of ideas to life. Given the cornucopia of ideas, we strongly believe in staying flexible and being open to new things. This is why we offer many different options for collaboration, which allows a customised approach to each and every project.

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    Receive valuable feedback

    Benefit from the expertise provided by the Austrian logistics market leader to get a better feel for your business concept’s feasibility, practicability, and profitability and to get your idea ready for the market.

  2. Start-ups collaboration

    Maximise your business model's potential

    Work with our experts to evolve your business model and bring your idea to the market.

  3. Start-ups collaboration

    Get your ideas to where your clients are

    We serve everybody in Austria and we work with almost all large Austrian businesses. Benefit from our extensive customer base.

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