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Use our e-letter service to receive invoices, contracts, and other important documents in digital format. It’s swift, convenient and reliable. You can access these documents anytime and from anywhere, including the Austrian Post app.
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Do you already have an Austrian Post account and would like to activate the e-letter service?

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Do you not have an Austrian Post account yet and would like to use our e-letter service?

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As flexible as an e-mail, as safe as a letter, and free of charge.

Always by your side: your e-letterbox

You can access your letters received from selected businesses anytime and anywhere, including the Österreichische Post app.

Upload and sign documents

Upload your documents to your e-letterbox for safe storage. In the e-letterbox, received and uploaded documents can also be digitally signed in a legally valid process.

High security level

All your documents and e-letter will be safe and protected in your Österreichische Post e-letterbox. No access by third parties is allowed.

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Our e-letter and its strong partners - always and everywhere

Use our e-letter service to have invoices, contracts, and other important documents sent to your personal e-letterbox in digital format. More and more businesses are embracing this concept.

Do you work for a business and are you interested in dual posting with our e-letter service?

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Frequently asked questions

Please register on  www.post.at and sign in with your login data at e-brief.at to request an activation code.
You will receive a letter with an activation code. Please enter this code on the web site. This will confirm your address and your e-letter letterbox will be ready to receive mail. You will then receive items from the companies you have selected in digital format.
As an existing Post/on client, the e-letterbox is part of your Post account. After you have signed in, you will see if your e-letterbox is ready to receive mail.
No. The e-letter service is free of charge for recipients.
No. E-letters are not e-mails. These items, e.g., documents, contracts, or invoices, are sent electronically to Österreichische Post and are then delivered as e-letters to your e-letterbox.

In addition to being convenient and swift, e-letters come with another decisive benefit: security. Sending sensitive documents or recipient data via e-mail is not a secure process. For e-letters, this information is deposited on a secure portal, a so-called e-letterbox.
Your e-mail address is also your user name. If you forgot it, please go to www.post.at and click on the field "forgot user name".
Go to the login area, click on forgot password and enter your user name. You will shortly receive an e-mail with a link to restore access to your account.

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