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Österreichische Post has been serious about sustainability for quite some time. Österreichische Post AG was the first postal services company to guarantee CO2-neutral delivery to its clients. This was back in 2011.

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As part of our sustainability strategy, we introduced a series of sustainability activities that goes beyond environmental issues such as sustainability to include diversity and customer orientation.


CO2-neutral delivery - how to make it happen

Our CO2-neutral delivery relies first and foremost on the following factors:

  1. Avoiding emissions and increasing efficiency: a sophisticated fleet and energy optimisation for buildings
  2. Increased use of alternative technologies: expansion of our fleet of electric vehicles, renewable energy
  3. Offsetting unavoidable emissions

  1. Post E fleet

    Electric vehicle fleet

    With close to 3,000 electric vehicles, Österreichische Post has the largest fleet of electric vehicles in Austria. We are swiftly moving towards achieving 100% CO2-free delivery by 2030. The energy needed for running these vehicles comes from our own photovoltaic systems. Things are clearly going in the right direction because as soon as 2024, we will stop buying vehicles with combustion engines so that our delivery will be fully CO2 free by 2030 austria-wide. As early as in 2018, we submitted this goal in the form of an "EV100 objective" to the international organisation "ClimateGroup".

  2. Logo CO2 neutral

    CO2 free by 2030

    We invest in e-mobility and alternative propulsion systems in order to achieve our self-defined goal of reaching fully CO2-free delivery by 2030 austria-wide by using only vehicles with alternative propulsion systems on the last mile.
    And wherever we don't use vehicles, we deliver mail on foot because many delivery persons rely on their delivery cart, meaning that they have been providing CO2-free delivery for a long time.

  3. City Hub Graz delivery person*in on bike with trailer

    100% e-mobility on the last mile

    In major cities, we are already working on making delivery CO2-free. In Graz, this development is already particularly advanced, because Graz is now the first city in Austria where delivery is actually CO2-free. Graz is therefore a successful pilot project, which will also be applicable to other large cities in the future.  
    Innsbruck and Salzburg will follow this year, and in Vienna, complete CO2-free delivery is planned by 2025.

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Delivery person with Post Loop packing

Post Loop

To make Austrian Post's core business even more sustainable, there's now: Post Loop. A new solution for reusable packaging made from wood fiber and recycled PET. Post Loop packages and bags can be reused up to 30 times. This saves even more CO2 emissions but also raw materials. Learn more now

We walk the talk.

Österreichische Post’s yellow sustainability package includes plenty of green activities, from the expansion of photovoltaic systems to our green space concept. Sustainability is a top priority for us and has been on the everyday agenda of Österreichische Post for a long time.


  1. Man walking through photovoltaic system


    Österreichische Post ranks among the largest operators of photovoltaic systems in Austria. More and more roofs at our logistics locations sport solar panels. These panels are now the standard for any newly built logistics centre. Photovoltaic systems rely on the power of the sun to produce green energy that is, among others, used to power our steadily increasing fleet of electronic vehicles. As of today, our photovoltaic systems produce 2.9 million kilowatt-hours of green energy per year. To cover additional energy needs, we exclusively purchase green energy from Austria.

  2. Photovoltaic system from above

    Green space concept

    A successful sustainability strategy needs a matching green space concept. Österreichische Post facilities are increasingly turning into a habitat for animals and plants. Since 2018, we have had beehives at our Vienna letter mail centre. This forward-looking green space concept not only has a positive effect on the fauna and flora as well as the local climate, but is also much appreciated by our employees. On the green roof of the Vienna letter mail centre, the rare and endangered crested lark has found just the habitat it needs and has been living there for several years.

  3. Post Reusable

    Packaging cycle

    When it comes to maintaining the value of products and materials as long as possible, logistics plays an important role. In addition to the reduction of corporate waste, packaging has moved into the spotlight as a result of booming e-commerce. Packaging comes in all shapes and sizes. Österreichische Post has teamed up with renowned research institutions to explore green packaging that will meet our customers' high demands. Our Österreichische Post reusable box is a long-standing success story. These boxes can be stacked, are safe for shipping, and obviously reusable.

Climate action in line with scientific findings

Climate protection has been on our agenda for a long time. As early as in 2017, we were the second Austrian company to set a science-based climate goal. This climate reduction goal was reviewed and accepted by the Target Initiative, which is an independent science-based organisation. In 2021, we started to revise our existing climate goal and to make an even more ambitious contribution to climate protection. The new goal will be to keep global warming under 1.5°C.

Climate protection pioneer: Austrian Post among the top 1.5 percent of companies worldwide

In February, Austrian Post received this year's CDP Europe Award in Paris in the top category of climate protection pioneer. This puts Austrian Post among the top 300 or so out of a total of 18,700 companies worldwide. With the best rating - an "A Score" - Austrian Post is well above the industry average for transport and logistics companies (C Score) and the overall European average (B Score).

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Österreichische Post services that save trips and CO2

Neighbour hands over parcel

Forward parcels

You are expecting a package and know that you will not be at home. No problem, direct your parcel to where it is best for you and all over Austria. This service also reduces distances and thus CO2. In 2021, 539t of CO2 could be saved with pickup from a pickup station.

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Delivery person deposits parcel on terrace

Have items dropped of

You want to receive your shipments even when you are not at home? No problem with the drop-off authorization. Depending on their size, your items will be deposited either in your mailbox or in a secure place of your choice at your home. This saves unnecessary travel and also CO2. In 2022, 1,347 CO2 could be saved with drop-off permits.

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How about receiving all your parcels through Austrian Post? This is now possible with our AllesPost service. No matter which delivery service was supposed to deliver your parcel, with your AllesPost address you will be sure to receive all your items through Austrian Post. This will save you trips to the parcel shop while saving CO2.

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Re:Post products


Re:Post is the upcycling project of Swiss Post since 2020. Design students together with industrial and textile designer Lisa Klingersberger came up with ideas for new items of clothing and everyday objects. New things were to be created from the discarded garments. In 2020, idea generators took place, where students from the fields of art, architecture, fashion and design, accompanied by professors, developed ideas for the further use of the garments. Patterns were created for the resulting prototypes. The products can be purchased in the Post Fanshop.

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Austrian Post E-fleet

CO2 neutral advertising

We don't just talk, we also do: In order to act more sustainably in communication as well, we offset the CO2 emissions of our media placements. This is done in cooperation with our partner Admosfy, which calculates the CO2 emissions of the placements for us. admosfy - Der klimaneutrale Mediaplan offers more information on the calculation of the CO2 footprint. CO2 neutrality is achieved through compensation / investment in climate protection projects.

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We all receive parcels from Österreichische Post. Whether it's from online shops, Christmas gifts or as a surprise from a loved one. But what actually happens with our parcels before the wait is finally over and we receive them at a postal branch, pickup station, or from a delivery person?
This podcast wants to get to the bottom of things by asking someone who knows best: a parcel, on its way from Vienna to Graz.

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