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We all receive parcels from Österreichische Post. Whether it's from online shops, Christmas gifts or as a surprise from a loved one. But what actually happens with our parcels before the wait is finally over and we receive them at a postal branch, pickup station, or from a delivery person?

This podcast wants to get to the bottom of things by asking someone who knows best: a parcel, on its way from Vienna to Graz.

Please note: The player is available in German only.

A parcel finds itself at a pickup station in Graz. What happened? How did it end up there? And first and foremost: why? In the pilot episode of the first season of our podcast, we will dive into the story of a parcel as it makes its way from Vienna to Graz. Along the way, we will be addressing important questions about parcels, postal branches, tracking numbers, and the "family business" Österreichische Post.

Please note: The player is available in German only.

Our parcel is on its way in an Österreichische Post truck. During this episode, we will learn a lot about strong female truck drivers, emergency brakings, and we will meet a new companion: the GreenPack. This reusable packaging con be mailed up to 10 times and it is currently in a test phase with selected companies. Together, our protagonists arrive at the logistics centre Vienna. Things are really happening there...

Please note: The player is available in German only.

Welcome at the logistics centre Vienna! Our parcel has completed the first leg of its journey. After a small detour to the letter-mail centre, where we will say good-bye to letters and postcards, we will meet a few parcel centre employees. What are the challenges of working at the logistics centre? Why is it a fulfilling job for many? The parcel asked around before it had to meet its first challenge...

Is it time to say goodbye yet? Will our parcel get separated from its companion, the GreenPack?
Our journey continues to “Green Graz”. This is where Austria’s most sophisticated logistics centre is located and where sustainability is a top priority. Our parcel learns many new things, but also tried-and-tested things.
On an Österreichische Post truck, it meets another driver and once it’s at the Österreichische Post logistics centre Kalsdorf, it goes through many friendly hands. Until its destination is within reach…

We are almost there. Our parcel and its companion, The GreenPack, will be delivered to their recipients today – or will they? Before that happens, another parcel joins them. It is not just any parcel, but a parcel full of Zotter chocolate. Together they learn what CO2-neutral shipping means and the challenges that the delivery staff face every day. Spoiler alert: pets will be involved.

Pickup station Graz. For 6 episodes, our parcel has been sitting at the pickup station and has had plenty of time to tell its story. Today is the day of truth. Will it be picked up? Will it be able to fulfil its mission and reunite a family? We will review our protagonist’s exciting journey and will look back at the most suspenseful, funniest, and most emotional moments. We will remember all those Österreichische Post employees, logistics centres, delivery basis, photovoltaic systems, and electric cars. We will remember the GreenPack and the Zotter parcel will make us smile. So many things have happened in such a short time. And just like the parcel, we will be on pins and needles until the very last minute…


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