Online services

Online services by Österreichische Post are an easy and safe option for requesting postal services online. These services are available for private clients and some of them for business clients as well.

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Receive your mail

Authorisation to receive mail

If you would like for another person to receive items on your behalf, just give us an authorisation to receive mail.

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Release delivery authorisation

Use this service to have items such as parcels or Post Express items deposited at a preferred spot (e.g., your terrace) at your home.

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Set up a notice of absence to let senders of official letters (RSa and RSb letters) know you’ll be gone.

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This is a perfect choice if you are moving or if you would like to have your mail redirected to another address or to your holiday home.

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Parcel forwarding

Use this service to have your parcels forwarded to another delivery location with permanent effect.

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PO box

Use this safe and discreet service to pick up your items at your postal branch.

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Use AllesPost to make sure all your parcels are delivered by Österreichische Post, independently of the carrier used for shipping.

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Hold your mail

Vacation hold mail

While you enjoy your vacations, we will safely hold your mail and deliver it at your request upon your return.

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Send your parcels

Collection service

This is a perfect choice when you need things to be easy and convenient. Österreichische Post will pick up your items as needed.

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Parcel stamps

Create your customised parcel stamps online – it’s easy and quick.

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Receive your letters in digital format


Use this service to have your invoices, contracts, and other documents sent to your e-postbox in digital format where you can access them anytime you want.

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Your documents

Österreichische Post online printing

Upload your documents in a swift and easy process and print them at your postal branch equipped with a printer. You can pay with coins or use an Österreichische Post copy card.

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Your digital ID

Mobile phone signature

If you use online apps from public authorities and would like to sign documents digitally, you can activate your mobile phone signature.

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File a complaint about your item

Damage report

If the content of your item is damaged when you receive it, you can file an online damage report from the comfort of your home.

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Item inquiry

If your item did not reach its destination, you can request an item inquiry.

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