Item inquiry

Item inquiry order

Use this service for items posted at Österreichische Post for shipping that did not reach their destination.

Item inquiries are available only for national or international items with proof of posting, 5 days after posting at the earliest and within the following item inquiry timeframes:

  • 3 months for parcels and Post Express items
  • 6 moths for registered mail items, insured letters 

For international mail. we recommend placing your item inquiry order around 2 to 3 weeks after posting at the earliest, depending on the country of destination.

To provide the item inquiry service, we will need the valid tracking number. You will find this number on your posting receipt. Please provide detailed information, especially a description of your item's content, because this is key for our comprehensive missing mail search along the logistics chain.

For all items from abroad, only the sender or the international shipping company can initiate the item inquiry.

"Your money back" for delayed Post Express items in Austria

If we fail to keep our delivery time promise, you can request to get the postage back at the time of the item inquiry. This can be done between 2 and 21 days after posting your domestic Post Express item.

Item inquiry rates and liability are subject to our GTC as amended.

Before requesting our item inquiry service, please go to item tracking to check your item's status.