Products and services

In addition to posting letters and taking care of your banking needs, you can also buy products at our postal branches and benefit from money-saving services.

The articles listed below are available at your local postal branch.

Packaging material
At our postal branches, we have a large selection of bubble mailers and envelopes. We also have the perfect packaging for your valuables.

Tip: most of our packaging material can also be ordered online
Franking service
If you are organising a big event and still have to send out the invitations, we've got you covered. For a volume of 30 units and up, we will be happy to take care of franking your domestic and international items for you. You will be saving time and you can be sure that your letters will always have the right postage. This additional service is only EUR 0.10 (including VAT) per letter in addition to postage and any additional services.
The following additional services are available:

  • Registered mail
  • Deliver to addressee only
  • Do not deliver to persons authorised to receive mail
  • Advice of receipt
  • Cash-on-delivery

Commemorative stamps issued by Österreichische Post are world-famous. In addition to honouring various occasions and addressing specific issues, they also take messages out into the world. Our commemorative stamps are first and foremost meant for postage and are printed in motif series created with loving attention to detail.

On our philately page, you will find interesting information about our stamps and our issue programme, the latest news, and a discussion forum.

We also recommend visiting our online philately shop. Just click here.

In addition, we have gifts for all ages and tastes, from iTunes gift certificates and spa certificates to break-open tickets and scratch-off tickets.

This is a customised payment option with social benefits for services at private households such as easy gardening work, childcare, and cleaning. 

  • If you use the service check, your employees will have accident insurance and healthcare and pension insurance as an option.
  • Service checks are available for purchase at your postal branch and can then be conveniently passed on to your employee.
  • These checks are available in different amounts up to a maximum of EUR 100 per service check.

bitpanda vouchers are available at more than 400 postal branches and from approximately 1,300 Österreichische Post partners throughout Austria. On, you can conveniently exchange them for for Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple, IOT, and more.

We have teamed up with reliable partners to offer a large range of photo services to our clients. You can get your photos printed and surprise your loved ones with personalised photo gifts.


Go to photo shop

Have you always wanted to get the quality of your soil and water checked? Do you suspect there might be mildew at your home? At our postal branches, we have the product you are looking for. Our soil, water, and mildew test kits are easy to use and reliable.

Our fax service is available during opening hours at all our branches. At more than 330 postal branches, you can copy, print, and scan 24/7.

Copy service

Copying/printing from USB drives (Compatible with USB 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0):

Format EUR/unit
Format  A4 b/w EUR/unit  0.30
Format A4 colour EUR/unit


Format A3 b/w EUR/unit 0.60
Format A3 colour EUR/unit 1.20


Scan to USB:

Format EUR/unit
Format A4 b/w, colour EUR/unit 1.00
Format A3 b/w, colour EUR/unit 1.00

Tip: our Österreichische Post business copy cards with a credit of EUR 120 are now available at EUR 40 instead of EUR 100!
Use our branch locator to find out if you can copy, print, or scan at your local postal branch.


Fax service

Rates as indicated on the rate overview at your postal branch.

At our postal branches, you can play the lottery and win immediate prizes with our scratch-off and break-open tickets. For more information about the latest offers, please visit Österreichischen Lotterien

You can exchange your empty CO2 cylinders for new ones at more than 300 postal branches.
These replaceable cylinders fit all widely used soda-making systems on the market.

For more information, please visit

Parking tickets for paid parking in Vienna are available at all postal branches in Vienna and in greater Vienna.
The following parking tickets are available for purchase:
Name Rate in EUR
Parking ticket 30 min.
Rate in EUR 1.05
Name Parking ticket 1 h Rate in EUR 2.10
Parking ticket 1.5 h
Rate in EUR 3.15
Parking ticket 2 h
Rate in EUR 4.20


Postal branches that sell parking tickets

Are you out and about but need to print a contract or any other important document? We've got you covered! Use our Österreichische Post online printing service to upload documents on the go and print them at one of our postal branches. This service is available at more than 330 branches with a self-service area!

Just follow these easy steps:

  • Upload documents
  • We will e-mail you the printing code
  • Go to a postal branch with a self-service area
  • Insert coins or a copy card
  • Enter printing code at the printer or under Österreichische Post printing service 
  • Select and print document 

Your benefits at a glance:

  • You can upload your documents from anywhere
  • Printing is available 24/7
  • Pay with your Österreichische Post business copy card to get extra low rates

For additional information, please visit

Withdrawing money, depositing money, checking your account balance, printing account statements, and making bank transfers, 365 days of the year and almost 24/7? Use our self-service area in the entrance area of many of our postal branches to do all these things even outside our opening hours. Use our branch locator to find a branch near you that offers the services you need.

Making your life easier with self-service.
Pick up parcels 24/7, withdraw money, make bank transfers, all of that independently of opening hours.
Preferred pickup station: pick up parcels 24/7, 365 days a year. Just pick up your parcels whenever it suits you. In Vienna, we operate 24 fully automatic parcel stations where you can pick up your parcels at any time of the day or night AND post return parcels to online retailers. This service is available 24/7, 365 days a year… more

Plenty of benefits with PO boxes
At all our branches, we offer PO boxes that you can use even outside our opening hours. They allow you to pick up your mail at any time that suits you. Read more about our services, benefits, and rates… more

Our postal branches offer a large selection of paper and stationery. Selected products are also available at our online shop

The Top Youth Ticket for students and apprentices under the age of 24 will keep you going all year round. For just EUR 79, you get unlimited use of all public transportation in Vienna, Lower Austria, and Burgenland - each and every day, even during the holidays. Our Top Youth Ticket is available at all our branches and from selected Österreichische Post partners in Lower Austria and Burgenland.


Postal branches that sell VOR Top Youth tickets

Österreichische Post partners that sell VOR Top Youth tickets

Postal branches that sell parking tickets (available in German only)