The latest A1 offers

Everybody in Austria is getting 5G for Christmas!

A1 Xmas Tarif
1) Mobile service flat fee EUR 34.90/year. Special offer available for A1 Internet clients (monthly fee of EUR 27.90 with 15 GB of data for other users) and a first-time registration for A1 Mobil X-Mas S until 6 February 2023. The EUR 49.90 activation fee will be waived. The contractual period is 24 months. Data carrier fee EUR 3/mobile phone.

Devices priced at e.g., EUR 479 for the Samsung Galaxy S22 5G. A1 Connect Plus terms and conditions apply. For detailed information, please visit or your local postal branch.

Your home deserves the best and fastest Internet!

A1 Internet Aktion
1) Annual fee: EUR 34.90/year. Clients can choose between an EUR 100 bonus or a free tablet (A1 AlphaPad 10 or equivalent), valid for first-time orders of A1 Internet 100 Mbit/s and up or A1 optical fibre Internet. No connection fee (self-installation or if a technician is needed) for rates of 100 Mbit/s and up; EUR 49.90 for all others. The minimum contractual period is 24 months. This offer is valid for new A1 broadband clients until further notice and while supplies last. For detailed information, please visit or your local postal branch.

From 1 December: buy a starter kit, register for free, and get EUR 10 off a no-contract mobile phone1)!

Prepaid cards by A1 and yesss!
1) When purchasing and registering a or yesss! starter kit, you will receive EUR 10 off a no-contract mobile phone; discount articles excluded. This offer is valid from 1 December to 31 December 2022.

The sporty rate for all adventures

Customer with smartphone

1) Mobile service fee EUR 34.90 /year. Activation fee of EUR 49.90 will be waived. Contractual period is 24 months. One-time data carrier fee EUR 3. 
Unlimited phone calls/text messages throughout Austria to all networks and for roaming in the EU; data volume use is restricted to the EU. Offer available for first-time clients only and until further notice. All indicated prices are in euro. For detailed information, please visit or your local postal branch.


A1 Xplore TV M
1) Plus A1 Xplore Box at EUR 3.90/month. A1 internet landline connection at EUR 22.90 and up per month and A1 Xplore TV connectivity are required. The minimum contractual period is 24 months. Some streaming apps require a separate subscription. HD/UHD channels are only available if sufficient bandwidth exists. When ordering the CANAL+ service, the basic fee will be waived for the first six months. Afterwards, the standard monthly fee in the amount of EUR 8.99 (incl. VAT) will apply and the product can be cancelled on a monthly basis. The special offer has to be ordered separately within 4 weeks after ordering the A1 Xplore TV service, or else users will no longer be entitled to it.
2) Available on selected channels after activation.