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The perfect phone for all your stories!

With its long-lasting 4,100 mAh battery, the VIVO Y76 5G doesn't run out of power quickly, and with the Ultra Stable Video mode of its triple camera, you always produce stable stories.
Vivo Y76 5G: 6.6” (16.7 cm) display, triple camera, 50 MP main camera.

A1 Red Bull Mobile
1) Price of the device valid for first-time registrations for the Red Bull MOBILE Core rate (monthly basic fee 19.90 euros) and a contractual period of 24 months. Plus annual fee of 34.90 euros. Data carrier fee 3 euros/mobile phone. Activation fee will be waived (usually charged at 49.90 euros). Offer valid until further notice. For detailed information, please visit redbullmobile.at or your local postal branch.

Get your top-of-the-line smartphone in the best 5G network now! 

Only available now! With A1 Mobil XL including unlimited data or with A1 Mobil M.

A1 Xmas smartphone
1) When registering for the rate A1 Mobil XL (66.90 euros/month) or the rate A1 Mobil M (41.90 euros/month) plus the annual fee of 34.90 euros/year. The contractual period is 24 months.
Data carrier fee EUR 3. Activation fee of 49.90 euros will be waived. A1 exchange bonus: credit depends on the device (age, condition, model). For further information, please visit your postal branch or post.at/a1.

Really Great Movies: On A1 Internet now with 24 months of Netflix for free 1)

A1 Internet Netflix

1) The contractual period for Internet is 24 months. The Netflix Standard fee will be waived for 24 months (afterwards charged at 12.99 Euro) for users who concurrently order A1 (optical fibre) Internet 50 –1000 from 29.90 Euro plus the annual fee of 34.90 Euro. Valid for first-time A1 Internet users. The availability of this offer depends on the location; please use A1.net/verfuegbarkeit to check availability. For comprehensive information, please visit A1.net/netflix or your local postal branch.

Smart Decision: Smart Band for Free!

Whichever of the two Xiaomi smartphones you go for, you'll get the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro for free.

A1 Xiaomi Redmi Note11
1) Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G/Xiaomi 12 lite 5G: device price plus storage media fee of 3 euros/mobile phone, valid for new customers on the A1 Mobil M tariff (41.90 euros/month plus annual fee of 34.90 euros) until further notice. 24-month contract. Activation fee of 49.90 euros.
2) Get a free Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro exclusively when you purchase a Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro/Xiaomi 12 lite 5G in a post office, while stocks last. Details on A1.net and at your local post office.

The A1 trade-in bonus: follow these five easy steps to get cash for your old mobile phone.

A1 trade-in bonus
Download the app for the A1 trade-in bonus from the App Store or on A1.net/eintauschbonus.

The sporty rate for all adventures

Customer with smartphone

1) Mobile service fee 34.90 Euro /year. Activation fee of 49.90 Euro will be waived. Contractual period is 24 months. One-time data carrier fee 3 Euro. 
Unlimited phone calls/text messages throughout Austria to all networks and for roaming in the EU; data volume use is restricted to the EU. Offer available for first-time clients only and until further notice. All indicated prices are in euro. For detailed information, please visit redbullmobile.at/agb or your local postal branch.


  • 140 channels, of which 110 including Pro7 + RTL  are in HD and 3 in UHD
  • Catch up on 7 days of TV1)
  • 100 hours of recording for 3 months
  • 7,500 films and series in the A1 video store
  • "The Equalizer 3 – The Final Chapter“ available now in the A1 video archive
A1 Xplore TV M
1) Available after activation on selected channels.
2) Plus A1 Xplore TV box at 4.90 euros/month.
Subject to A1 fixed line & internet connection from at least 22.90 euros per month and A1 Xplore TV viability. Minimum contract term 24 months. Individual streaming apps require a separate subscription. HD/UHD channels are only available with sufficient technical bandwidth. Binding 24-month commitment to TV & Netflix Standard subscription. No fee for Netflix Standard for 2 months (12.99 euros thereafter) when ordering A1 Xplore TV S through L. Valid for new A1 Xplore TV customers. Details on A1.net/netflix
3) Binding 24-month commitment to Netflix. 12.99 euros from the 3rd month.

Our special deal for you

We link our world to the world of A1, introducing new technologies for you. Our A1 experts offer personal consultations at our postal branches and highlight exclusive offers available only from us.


A1 Internet for your home and phone
Don’t miss this chance to sign up for high-speed Internet products at your postal branch.

A1 mobile phones and rates
Get top-of-the-line mobile phones and smartphones as well as expert information about available A1 rates. 

A1 landline
Use the A1 landline service for your phone calls. We have a wide range of cordless phones and landline phones in stock.

Now available: HD TV via the A1 network.


From charging cables to screen protectors: at your postal branch, you will find everything you need for your smartphone!

Accessoires Celluarline

Prepaid cards

Our postal branches carry a large selection of prepaid cards:

  • Prepaid cards for all mobile phone service providers
  • Calling cards for inexpensive international phone calls
  • Secure online payments

Free. Unattached. Inexpensive.

Introducing the flexible solution that offers so much more than just Internet surfing and phone calls. Connecting your first car to the Internet, turning your home into a smart home, or finding your lost dog – prepaid cards by B.free and yesss! can do all that and more!

A1 prepaid

B.free starter kit1)
Recommended plan:
B.free M
at 20 Euro for 4 weeks including 18 GB

yesss! starter kit2)
Recommended plan:
yesss! Complete L just 9.99 Euro per month3)

1) B.free: 5,000 free units throughout Austria for the selected timeframe and for a maximum of 28 days after activation. Does not include roaming. For detailed information, please visit A1.net or your postal branch. The contract information and terms and conditions can be downloaded at A1.net/bfreeinfo for documentation purposes, future reference, and unmodified reproduction. 
2) yesss! starter pack including 100 units (minutes, text messages, or MB). Valid for 15 days. For detailed information, please visit yesss.at/vertragsinfo or call 0681 810 810. Please note: The contract information and terms and conditions can be downloaded at yesss.at/vertragsinfo for documentation purposes, future reference, and unmodified reproduction. 
3) For detailed information, please visit yesss.at or call 0681 810 810. yesss! starter pack with yesss! Please note: The contract information and terms and conditions can be downloaded at yesss.at/vertragsinfo for documentation purposes, future reference, and unmodified reproduction.
4) Effective 1 January 2019, prepaid cards must be registered. This process is quick and easy and can be done at your local postal branch. For more information about this mandatory registration, please visit the product website in question. For  information about data protection, please visit post.at/datenschutz. All indicated rates are in euro. Subject to printing and typographical errors.