Receive letter mail

Find out all about the flexible options for receiving mail, whether you are at home, in the office or on holiday.

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Receive mail as needed

Always receive items, even when you are not at home. Choose from four delivery options in your Post Account.

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Vacation hold mail

While you enjoy your vacations, we will safely hold your mail and deliver it at your request upon your return.

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Authorisation to receive mail

If you would like for another person to receive items on your behalf, just give us an authorisation to receive mail.

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SB-Zone Postal Branch

Post restante

Use this service to have your letter mail sent as poste restante items to an Austrian Post service location anywhere in Austria.

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This is a perfect choice if you are moving or if you would like to have your mail redirected to another address or to your holiday home.

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PO Box

Use this safe and discreet service to pick up your items at your preferred postal branch.

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PO boxes


Set up a notice of absence to let senders of official letters (RSa and RSb letters) know you’ll be gone.

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