Letter mail

When expecting a letter, you have different options of managing the delivery process. Just click on the product of your choice to see what it is about.


Use this service to have your letter mail and parcels sent to a new/different address.

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Poste restante

Use this service to have your letter mail sent as poste restante items to an Österreichische Post service location anywhere in Austria.

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Release delivery authorisation

Use this option to have registered mail, parcels and Post Express items delivered to your address even if you are not home.

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PO box for letter mail

We will hold your letter mail at a postal branch of your choice. This service is discreet and safe.

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Vacation hold mail

Our vacation hold mail service is your best option for a relaxing holiday: we will hold your mail and deliver it to you on the day of your choice.

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Authorisation to receive mail

If you want another person to be able to receive mail on your behalf, just sign an authorisation to receive mail with us.

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