Use our redirection service to have your mail follow you anywhere

If you would like to have letter-mail items, packets, and/or parcels redirected to another address, just use our redirection service. You can redirect letters and packets to domestic and international addresses. Parcels and Österreichische Post Express items can only be redirected to addresses in Austria.

Customer receives mail
  1. Click on Redirect your mail or visit your local postal branch/Österreichische Post partner. 
  2. Order the redirection service no later than 3 days before you would like it to be effective.
  3. Select the reason for the redirection (moving or temporary absence) and the desired time frame (minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 months).
  4. Enter the previous address and all persons for which the redirection will apply.
  5. Enter the new address.
  6. Select the types of items you want redirected (parcels and Post Express items can only be redirected to addresses in Austria).
  7. At the checkout, choose from one of many payment options.
  8. We will provide reliable redirection service to the address indicated by you.


Redirections for letter mail and packets  (universal services)* Domestic
in euro 
in euro 
For a period of up to 3 calendar months 16.90  22.90 
For additional 3 calendar months or parts thereof  16.90  22.90


Redirections for parcels (universal services)* Domestic
in euro 
For a period of up to 3 calendar months  9.00 
For additional 3 calendar months or parts thereof    9.00
*) available together with redirections for letter mail and packets under 10 kg only
Indicated rates include all statutory duties, especially VAT. Services exempt from VAT pursuant to Section 6 of the Austrian Turnover Tax Act exclude VAT.

Important information

Please note that our redirection service only includes items that shipped by Österreichische Post. Items delivered by other logistics providers are excluded from this service. It takes 3 business days to set up the redirection service or a premature cancellation. The contractual period is three months. You can choose a shorter time frame within these three months. You decide how long you would like to use this service.


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