bank99. Introducing the new bank by Austrian Post

We are the bank for 99% of people in Austria and now more than ever, we want to be there for our clients, everywhere in Austria.

Branches in the entire country.

The branches of all other banks are increasingly far apart. At bank99, your trip to the bank remains short thanks to Österreichische Post's branch network and long opening hours.

Convenient products.

At bank99, we focus on straightforward and intuitive products with many benefits and without any hidden costs. Our konto99 account options offer exactly what 99% of people actually need. No more and no less.

Easy to understand.

We want people to feel at ease. We want everbody to understand and for everybody to feel understood. Our conversations are respectful and we do not use any complicated banking lingo.


At bank99, we do not care a bit about your gender, the colour of your skin, your background, or your sexual orientation. All we see are people. And we look forward to serving each and every one of them.

100% Austrian.

bank99 has no foreign shareholders. We are a strong Austrian brand. The major shareholder is Österreichische Post who believes in Austrian values. The same is true for its partner Schelhammer Capital Bank AG.

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