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Use our services for speedy and safe delivery to the recipient.

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Information about cash-on-delivery and insured parcels.

Additional Services for international parcels.

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Wir schaffen ein breites Spektrum an Jobs, Aufstiegsmöglichkeiten, sowie flexiblen Arbeitszeitmodellen. Wir anerkennen, fordern und fördern Leistung.

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Corporate Headquarters

Press Room

In this section, you will find press information and our corporate press liaison for Österreichische Post AG. Visit our picture archive and subscribe to our press newsletter.

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Investor Relations

In this section, investors will find comprehensive information about Österreichische Post AG and its shares.

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Corporate Headquarters

Corporate Information

Österreichische Post is Austria's leading logistics and postal services provider. Its main business activities include shipping and delivering letter mail, advertising mail, print publications and parcels.

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