With AllesPost, you decide who delivers your parcels.

When you shop online, you usually can't decide for yourself which* transport service provider your online store chooses - with AllesPost, your shipments will always be delivered with the usual quality by post in the future. Receiving your parcels will be much easier for you, because you will once again have all the practical reception options of the postal service at your disposal, such as drop-off authorization, pick-up station or post office reception box. Reliable, practical and CO2 neutral!

Get a free 3-month trial now

Go ahead and set up AllesPost, order from your favourite online store using your AllesPost address and you will see that each and every parcel will actually be delivered exclusively by Austrian Post.
Get your free 3-month trial now, it’s risk free and non-binding. After 3 months, the free trial period will end automatically.
  1. Log into your Austrian Post account and order AllesPost to receive your AllesPost address.
  2. For all your online orders, use your AllesPost address as your new delivery address. 
  3. Parcels will be delivered to your AllesPost address, labelled with your actual residential address, and shipped to you.
  4. All parcels will be delivered exclusively by Austrian Post.


3-month subscription: € 14.90 incl. VAT*
12-month subscription: € 39.90 incl. VAT*

*The included number of packages is based on private, normal own consumption.

How to use your AllesPost address