Austrian Post Business Solutions

Österreichische Post Business Solutions provide services for optimising, digitising, and automating corporate processes in the information management flow. By outsourcing these corporate processes, you will have more time for strategic tasks, more power for your core business, streamlined staffing needs and ultimately an optimised cost structure. With Post Business Solutions as your partner, you will receive valuable support and assistance for the automation of your corporate processes. 

How we solve problems and simplify business processes? A customer tells us about her experience:

Let us provide services that go beyond traditional mail logistics. This includes, among others, innovative solutions that will allow you to optimise processes at your company. These solutions cover all phases, starting with incoming information, where scanning services and the digital recording of documents are an option. Modular services for mail processing are also available, as are sophisticated document management solutions and solutions for processing outgoing information, printing, and electronic and physical delivery of your corporate mail.

Your challenges - our solutions

Businesses continue to face myriad challenges and having a reliable partner at their side will make things easier.

Is customer satisfaction deteriorating due to slow back office processes? Automation in different areas such as form processing can shorten response times and increase the quality of customer assistance processes.

Do your employees enjoy workplace flexibility? This is a big challenge for a business. Fully digital processes can help make documents available anywhere, from electronic paychecks to digitised archives

As a result of high data protection requirements, businesses oftentimes need to outsource processes. We rely on certifications such as ISO 27001 to continuously work on providing the highest security standards at our locations.

All optimisations from a single source

With Österreichische Post, you will have an excellent partner at your side who can provide comprehensive solutions from a single source: we are market leaders in dual deliverytransactional printing as well as mailroom management. We serve 50% of Austria's  top 100 businesses (according to Trend magazine) and we manage more than 70 mailrooms at large companies.

Maximum security standards and data protection

Data protection and information security are a top priority for us. Our Austria-based computing centres are certified to meet the latest data protection requirements, both from a technical and organisational perspective.

Your benefits

  • Outsourcing the risk: just outsource processes that are not part of your core business to us
  • Reducing costs: one-stop-shop and platform for digital and offline back office process solutions 
  • State-of-the-art: our customised technological solutions are state-of-the-art
  • Highest data security thanks to computing centres located in Austria and a focus on the protection of your data