Get your files scanned and digitised

Are those full files taking up more and more of your office space? If that is the case, our FileScan service is what you need: you can send files with all their important content to us or have us pick them up and we will scan them in high resolution. This will make contracts, agreements, and invoices available in a digital format for immediate electronic access anytime you want. It also makes hybrid work and document management a breeze because important information is available swiftly and without delay. This solution also frees up storage space for other purposes.

Our offer at a glance:

  • EUR 27.90 per file with up to 400 sheets
  • Parcel postage or flat shipping fee of EUR 90 
  • includes text recognition via OCR
  • no minimum contractual period
  • no minimum volume

Our FileScan offer includes the following services:

We scan files with up to 400 sheets and the accepted paper thickness is between 70 and 120g. Our scanners cannot process special paper such as tissue paper. We can process the following formats: DIN A3, DIN A4, and DIN A5. All files to be digitised must be free of paper clips, bindings, and plastic sleeves.
The digitisation of special formats and materials such as tissue paper is available as part of our Document and archive digitisation service, which also includes the removal of staples and other objects. 
In addition, there is no minimum volume and there is no contractual period either, which means that you can give us a one-time order for the digitisation of a single file.

How file digitisation with FileScan works:

  1. Document pickup or handover
    Send us your files as a parcel or use a courier service from anywhere in Austria. Alternatively, clients in Vienna and Linz can use our in-house shipping service for an additional EUR 90 and we will come collect the files.
  2. Preparation
    During the preparation process, we will remove all documents from your files. Please make sure you have previously removed any paper clips or staples.
  3. Scanning
    We use our scanners to digitise your documents either in colour or in black and white, as desired.
  4. Readability check
    After the scanning process, we will check the content of your files for readability in the form of TIFF files. Afterwards, we will convert them to PDFs. Thanks to OCR technology, these scans are not images, but text files that can be searched, copied, and highlighted. 
  5. Data provision
    We use our filebox cloud solution to provide digitised content, which allows you to access the documents either via computer, tablet, or smartphone. After a 6-week storage period, we can either dispose of the original documents as required by data protection law or return them to you at a fee.

What are the benefits of file digitisation?

  • Reduces the paper volume at your business.
  • Saves storage space and related costs.
  • All content is available within seconds and can be searched from anywhere.
  • Backups and storage on several devices increase the life span of your scanned documents and reduce the risk of data loss.
  • All data are digitised professionally and discreetly.

FileScan product information (available in German only)