Archive digitisation

Ever increasing amounts of paper make more and more employees spend time looking for information instead of processing it. The solution to this issue is an electronic archiving system and the digitisation of paper files.

Our sophisticated facilities allow us to digitise archives of any size, whether they include traditional business documents such as HR files and customer files in binders or filing systems, boxes or books, large formats in colour or black and white, blueprints or technical drawings.

In addition, we are the only service provider in Austria to offer hybrid scanning. During this process, we create a scan and microfilm in a single step. This allows clients to have full offline documentation on microfilm. Clients will have quick access to the digital image on their PC along with an additional backup on microfilm.

Your benefits

  • Optimised and standardised business processes
  • Swift and simultaneous access wherever you are
  • Efficient processing of structured data
  • Eliminates storage costs

Additional information about archive digitisation (available in German only)


Additional information about hybrid archive digitisation (available in German only)


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