Digital document management for businesses Document management is a topic that often comes up in businesses when people discuss how to manage and file documents. While physical binders used to be the best choice, the era of digitalisation has prompted many companies to save their documents electronically on their computers only.

Our document management system Post Cloud Enterprise combines your physical and digital documents in a single solution. You will have fewer media inconsistencies and swift internal delivery, which will increase efficiency and lower costs. This digital collaboration will make working in teams easier and provide more transparency and traceability.

Our Post Cloud Enterprise digitises all your documents and unites them in a single solution. You will be able to manage, store, and edit all documents in an intuitive process using your browser, table, or smartphone.

After digitisation, your documents will be stored to the incoming mail log of the Post Cloud Enterprise, where they will immediately be available to authorised employees. Information is easy to find via the full text or metadata search. Searches can be performed at any time and anywhere, independently of the location and office hours.

Post Cloud Enterprise only works with computing centres in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. After all, protecting and safeguarding your data is our number one priority.

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Mailroom will assist you in the efficient processing and distribution of incoming mail in the Post Cloud Enterprise.

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Mailroom tracking

Use our mailroom tracking service to see the status of incoming and/or outgoing items at all times.

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Mailroom invoice

Use our mailroom invoice service to organise your incoming invoices. After your incoming invoices have been digitised, they will be made available to you in the Post Cloud Enterprise for further processing.

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