Document management

Our document management system Post Cloud Enterprise connects physical and digital documents in a single solution. You will experience fewer system inconsistencies and swift internal communication, which increases efficiency and saves money. Digital collaboration makes working in teams easier and ensures transparency and traceability. 

With Post Cloud Enterprise, you will be able to digitise all your documents and combine them in a single solution. You will be able to manage, save, and edit them conveniently using a browser on your tablet or smartphone.

Your documents will be digitised, saved to the digitial incoming mail and will be available to your employees immediately. Use the full text or metadata search to find information easily and swiftly, wherever you are and at any time you want, independently of office hours.

Post Cloud Enterprise works exclusively with IT centres in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland because security and the protection of your data are our first priority. Our modular functions can be expanded as needed so that our solution will always fit your needs and support you on your path to digitisation.


  • Physical and digital processes from a single source
  • Experience and reliability from a reliable partner
  • Transparency and traceability
  • Higher efficiency and lower costs
  • Maximum security thanks to a European cloud solution
  • Compatible with your computer, tablet, and smartphone
  • Flexible solution that adapts to your needs

Post Cloud Enterprise mailroom app

Access your documents anytime and from anywhere using your tablet, PC, or smartphone.

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Object tracking

Our object tracking service is an efficient solution for the digital management of rental objects.

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Mailroom tracking

Use our mailroom tracking service to check the status of incoming and outgoing items at all times.

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Post Cloud Input

Post Cloud Input is a digital standard interface that provides a comprehensive solution for your digital incoming mail.

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