Mailroom Having access to your mail from anywhere and at any time will make your incoming mail processing more efficient. Whether you use your tablet, laptop, or smartphone: your incoming mail will be more flexible than ever. Just start the application via your browser to get immediate access to your incoming mail.

Swift distribution of incoming mail

All incoming letters and items, whether they are in physical or electronic format, are uploaded automatically and/or via manual incoming channels and saved in Mailroom. A mail administrator will then assign the documents in question to the department or employee in charge for further processing. If document content was extracted and transferred to Mailroom during the digitisation of the incoming mail process, distribution to recipients will happen automatically.

Our user-friendly system also takes care of access privileges so that only authorised eyes can read specific items. This ensures, among others, that invoices that are approved via our mailroom invoice service can be authorised by persons with the required privileges only.

Maximum security standards

Dubious data sources are now a thing of the past - in Mailroom, verified links take users to secure content only. Even if documents are stored and sent from the cloud, dynamic watermarks can be used for extra protection and authenticity.

Your benefits

  • Swift and transparent processing and distribution of letters and items
  • Prompt internal delivery
  • Traceable document filing in Mailroom