Mailroom Invoice Digital processing of physical and electronic invoices

Mailroom Invoice is a document management system (DMS) that combines paper-based and electronic incoming invoices in a single digital solution. Invoices can be reviewed, edited, and approved by authorised employees at any given time. The entire workflow is centrally managed, which saves a lot of time and resources at any company. This is highly relevant when complex invoices are involved which need to be reviewed and approved at several company levels. As a cloud-based DMS solution, Mailroom Invoice allows for the permanent tracking of all workflow elements involved in invoice processing. It is similar to mailroom tracking in the sense that users can see at the click of a mouse who processed an invoice and when.

How does Mailroom Invoice work?

With Mailroom Invoice, the entire invoicing process can be mapped in a cloud-based document management system.

  1. All incoming invoices, whether received on paper or digitally, are digitised, e.g., using our invoice processing service. During this process, we can extract complex metadata that will allow for the accurate automated distribution of invoices to the correct department. 
  2. A seamless interface management with Mailroom Invoice in the DMS then prompts the distribution of invoice data to an incoming invoice log in the cloud. This process takes just a few seconds.
  3. From the incoming invoice log, the data will go to the approval and authorisation workflow.
  4. After the invoices have been reviewed and approved by the employees in question, they will be transferred to the corresponding ERP system via yet another digital interface.
  5. As a last step, all documents will be digitally archived using an audit-proof approach while complying with the legally defined storage periods for every document category.

Secure and flexible

Since Mailroom Invoice is a cloud-based software solution, the entire workflow as well as the review and approval of invoices can be managed via the browser on your PC or even on mobile devices, independently of your location. This adds another layer of flexibility and increases efficiency. Österreichische Post works exclusively with computing centres in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, thus ensuring maximum protection of sensitive corporate data.

Your benefits

With Österreichische Post as your reliable partner, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Complex invoices can be processes swiftly and in a transparent procedure
  • Employees will have more leeway for their core tasks thanks to swift internal invoice distribution
  • Invoices are archived digitally in an audit-proof manner