Benefits of digital invoice processing smart workflows with maximum data quality Paper-based invoice processing usually costs a lot of money and resources at any company, especially given the many complex invoices and the substantial effort required for handling them.  Rely on Post Business Solutions to make these corporate processes more efficient, swifter, and more transparent. Mailroom Invoice unites physical and electronic incoming invoices in a single digital solution and incorporates invoice data into downstream systems, thereby allowing for automated payment flows.

Businesses have to deal with numerous incoming invoices on a daily basis. They used to process them physically in the workflow: employees in charge would need a lot of time to get an overview of pending invoices and due dates. In addition, the internal delivery of documents for review and approval also required time. The bottom line was that invoice processing kept employees at several departments from taking care of their core business. 

Businesses are increasingly turning to fully digital invoice processing in an effort to increase efficiency, quality, and transparency in this area while also making clients happy. This approach ensures efficient workflow tracking and automated data exchange. This allows businesses to keep an excellent overview of all incoming invoices and the related workflows. Employees also benefit because they will have more time and resources for more useful tasks, which in turn will increase their motivation level and satisfaction.

Our Post Business Solutions service has been created as a comprehensive solution whose main element is Mailroom Invoice, which is a cloud-based document management system. Mailroom Invoice is a software solution for the integrated processing of invoices and workflow management. It allows for the fully digital processing of incoming invoices from invoice receipt to invoice all the way to invoice settling. This makes the entire invoice management process more transparent while taking the organisational quality to the next level.

Centralised and transparent

As a document management system (DMS), Mailroom Invoice unites physical and electronic incoming invoices in a single digital solution. Authorised employees can save and edit these invoices at their leisure. The entire workflow is centrally managed, which saves substantial amounts of time and resources at any company. This is especially relevant when dealing with complex invoices that require review and approval at several levels of the company. Since Mailroom Invoice is a cloud-based DMS solution, it allows for permanent tracking of all invoice processing workflows. Among others, it takes users just a few clicks to check if an invoice is being processed, by whom, and in which processing stage it is at any given time. 

Five steps to more efficiency

How exactly does this solution work?

  1. As a first step, all physical or electronic invoices received at a company are digitised. During this process, complex metadata are extracted, which allow for accurate and automated distribution to specific departments.
  2. A seamless interface management with Mailroom Invoice in the DMS then prompts the distribution of invoice data to an incoming invoice log in the cloud. This process takes just a few seconds.
  3. From the incoming invoice log, the data will go to the approval and authorisation workflow.
  4. After the invoices have been reviewed and approved by the employees in question, they will be transferred to the corresponding SAP system via yet another digital interface.
  5. As a last step, all documents will be digitally archived using an audit-proof approach while complying with the legally defined storage periods for every document category.

Secure cloud solution

Since Mailroom Invoice is a cloud-based software solution, the entire workflow as well as the review and approval of invoices can be managed via the browser on your PC or even on mobile devices (using the Mailroom Invoice app), independently of your location. This adds another layer of flexibility and increases efficiency. Österreichische Post works exclusively with computing centres in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, thus ensuring maximum protection of sensitive corporate data.

Mailroom Invoice – your benefits at a glance: 

  • Complex invoices can be processed swiftly and in a transparent procedure
  • Efficiency will increase and you will save substantial amounts of time thanks to swift internal invoice distribution
  • Employees will have more leeway for their core tasks
  • Invoices are archived digitally in an audit-proof manner

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