Digitising incoming mail

Companies small and big face the challenge of making time-consuming internal processes as efficient as possible. Our incoming mail solutions will give you have a good overview of everything and increase productivity across all channels. Whether it's e-mail, app, fax or mail, we will record all information and make it available for further use.

Why digitise your incoming mail?

Digitising your incoming mail will free up HR resources for other meaningful business processes. You no longer have to worry about physical incoming mail getting forwarded to the correct persons in your company because that will happen automaticaly. There are many other benefits that make the digitisation of incoming mail an attractive choice:

  • Saves costs and resources
  • Automatic classification of all incoming items
  • High security standards
  • Impeccable data quality
  • Automated extraction of invoice data
  • Integrated data quality review (e.g., missing fields on forms)

Your digital and physical document information will be processed by experienced experts using highly specialised equipment. Österreichische Post offers high quality, excellent collaboration as well as reliability and commitment, which results in high customer satisfaction, long-standing business relationships and prestigious clients. 

Digital incoming mail

For your digital incoming mail, we will collect your physical and digital incoming mail and make it available to you electronically.

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Order processing

We will digitise orders received from various sources, extract the data contained therein, and make them available in a structured format for further use.

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Form processing

We will extract valuable information from your forms and subsequently send the reviewed data sets to you in an automated process.

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Invoice processing

We will digitise your incoming invoices, review them for quality and validity, and will then provide structured invoice data for further processing.

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