Automated form recording and processing Your clients have a lot of information to share, whether it's on response cards, order forms, or questionnaires. However, form analysis is a complex process with a lot of room for error and ties up a lot of valuable corporate resources. Our automated form processing procedure takes all this work off your hands. We will digitally record pre-defined content and send the data sets to you on the same day after a quality assurance process.

Our one-stop service for form processing

In addition to processing your forms, we can verify, check and, upon request, complete customer data (e.g., enrich them with master data). This will allow you to keep your database up to date, reduce return items, save money, and increase customer loyalty.

How form recording and processing works

  1. Incoming physical and digital forms
    Forms received in the mail are identified right at the letter mail centre at an early stage and transferred to us. We can also receive all forms sent to you via electronic channels, i.e., e-mail or fax.
  2. Digitisation
    Our employees digitise physical mail items using high-end scanners. 
  3. Data extraction and classification
    The newly digitised information from all channels is subsequently classified. Data contained therein will be extracted.
  4. Quality assurance and validation
    To ensure the highest possible data quality, our employees will once again check extracted data.
  5. Conformity review
    All data will be subject to a conformity review as defined by you. This might include a check for valid postcodes, correctly chosen form options or signatures.
  6. Delivery
    The newly structured orders will then be shared with your company and all downstream IT systems for further and automated processing.
  7. Archiving
    After processing, we will return physical documents such as letters to you or store them for a determined period of time. Afterwards, these documents will either be moved to your archive or disposed of in compliance with data protection regulations.

Your benefits

  • Significant cost savings thanks to outsourced and automated analysis processes
  • Increases efficiency and saves your own resources
  • Fully paperless form processing
  • Swifter response management and increased customer satisfaction
  • Control and transparency thanks to readily available documentation
  • Updated customer data thanks to daily data synchronisation
  • Ensures anonymous data processing with data destruction in compliance with data protection regulations

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