Tips and expertise for optimising your business processes From input management to document logistics and output management: in our blog posts, you will find useful tips and excellent insight into the entire document lifecycle.

Male delivery person in a delivery vehicle

Mailroom management: improvement on many levels

In view of increasing digitalisation, mailrooms are turning into highly relevant information hubs. Let us show you what we have achieved for Semperit.

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Mailroom tracking smartphone blog

Digital mailroom: audit-proof and transparent

Mailroom tracking: the comprehensive digital solution that allows you to track and document large volumes of incoming and outgoing items.

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Machine learning

Machine learning: data quality is key

Nowadays, business have to process ever-increasing data volumes. We rely on AI technology and combine it with human quality assurance.

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How millions of sheets get into the correct envelope

Every day, businesses receive millions of data sets in their inboxes. With the ClosedLoop process, they will find their way to the correct recipient.

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Document management in the cloud

No more stacks of paper! Convenient and easy document management in the cloud

Most businesses fight a daily battle against large amounts of paper. A cloud-based document management system can help.

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These five tips will take the mail processing at your company to the next level.

There is unexpected potential for synergies and savings in the processing of incoming and outgoing mail, which is something most business are not aware of.

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UniCredit Bank Austria: dual delivery for inexpensive and safe shipping

More and more companies are switching to dual delivery; one of them is UniCredit Bank Austria. 

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Intelligent automation

How intelligent automation makes business processes faster and more accurate

The digitisation of incoming mail items and the digital recording of documents makes business processes significantly more efficient.

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