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Social Commerce

6 tips for the successful use of social commerce

In recent years, social commerce has become an important tool in online marketing. In our latest blog post, we report on this megatrend and present 6 tips on how you can integrate social commerce into your marketing strategy.

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Personalization in marketing

Personalization in marketing as a competitive advantage

Changing consumer expectations and the search for personal interaction are leading to a paradigm shift. Find out how personalized communication can make the difference.

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New Normal

The new normal

Digitalisation, increasingly flexible work models, etc. – let Post Business Solutions assist you with all those challenges associated with the new normal at work.

Business Solutions

Mailroom management made easy

Find out how Ms. Mayer took her company’s mailroom management to the next level and what other products from Post Business Solutions she trusts.

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Robotic rocess automation (RPA) office everyday

Benefits of RPA

What are the benefits of using RPA? Learn more about the advantages of Robotic Process Automation now.

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Robotic rocess automation (RPA) office everyday

Trends in RPA

Read this article to learn about the latest developments in the field of Robotic Process Automation and about future trends.

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Robotic rocess automation (RPA) office everyday

RPA in the public sector

Learn which RPA technologies can be implemented at administrative authorities in a swift, inexpensive, and flexible process.

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Robotic rocess automation (RPA) office everyday

RPA in controlling

In this section, you will learn how RPA can be used to optimise processes and improve the quality of your accounting.

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Printing service

Individual and transaction printing

Many companies have to send a lot of information to their customers every day. Whether large or small print runs - your printing needs will be met with extensive expertise. You can find out more about our printing services here.

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Woman standing on the street holding a laptop

EinfachWerben advertising service: send advertising items at the click of your mouse

Our new online service allows you to design and send your own advertising items. Learn how our clients are using EinfachWerben advertising service for the benefit of their business and what they appreciate about it.

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Document and archive digitization

How archive digitization helps save space and time

Does archiving paper files also take up a lot of space and time in your company? Find out how you can save a lot of resources through digitization.

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woman in yellow shirt reading a letter

Product adjustments: what's behind them

In order to be able to offer the very best service at all times, we sometimes have to adjust our products. Let us explain the rationale behind the latest product and rate adjustments for Info.Mail and provide answers to the most important questions.

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Mailroom Invoice Woman working on PC

Mailroom Invoice: Intelligent workflows with highest data quality

We show you how to make your invoice processing more efficient, faster and more transparent.

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EinfachBrief: sending letters from your computer made swift and easy

Let us show you how to use our “EinfachBrief” online service to focus on your company’s core tasks.

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Male delivery person in a delivery vehicle

Mailroom management: improvement on many levels

In view of increasing digitalisation, mailrooms are turning into highly relevant information hubs. Let us show you what we have achieved for Semperit.

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Robotic Process Automation

Higher satisfaction in HR thanks to RPA

These real-life examples will show you how robotic process automation can help with your internal HR processes.

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Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation: where can RPA be used?

Digital business processes can be automated. Learn about the many applications of the innovative RPA technology.

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Mailroom tracking smartphone blog

Digital mailroom: audit-proof and transparent

Mailroom tracking: the comprehensive digital solution that allows you to track and document large volumes of incoming and outgoing items.

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Machine learning

Machine learning: data quality is key

Nowadays, business have to process ever-increasing data volumes. We rely on AI technology and combine it with human quality assurance.

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Intelligent automation

How intelligent automation makes business processes faster and more accurate

The digitisation of incoming mail items and the digital recording of documents makes business processes significantly more efficient.

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Document management in the cloud

No more stacks of paper! Convenient and easy document management in the cloud

Most businesses fight a daily battle against large amounts of paper. A cloud-based document management system can help.

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UniCredit Bank Austria: dual delivery for inexpensive and safe shipping

More and more companies are switching to dual delivery; one of them is UniCredit Bank Austria. 

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How millions of sheets get into the correct envelope

Every day, businesses receive millions of data sets in their inboxes. With the ClosedLoop process, they will find their way to the correct recipient.

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These five tips will take the mail processing at your company to the next level.

There is unexpected potential for synergies and savings in the processing of incoming and outgoing mail, which is something most business are not aware of.

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