Robotic Process Automation: where can RPA we used?

Digitalisation is gaining ground in all areas of life, driving innovations and change. One of them is Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which is all about digitalising and automating existing business processes. Remember: RPA refers to the automatic and intelligent processing of a large variety of business processes with the use of software robots or bots.

RPA can be widely used in daily business and office life and offers numerous benefits. These range from reduced paper on desks all the way to decision-making support for executives.

RPA software can easily access website automatically, download files, save them, and distribute them. Some of the benefits of RPA include:

  • Increased processing speed thanks to automated processes
  • Fewer repetitive tasks, which increases employee satisfaction

Major financial benefits can be achieved by automating business processes, which ultimately saves resources and shortens processing times.

Effective data processing in SAP

Routine manual processes such as transferring data from Excel into SAP are perfectly suited for automatic processing by software robots. Such repetitive tasks are not only exhausting and intellectually underwhelming for humans, but given the vast amount of data also leave a lot of room for error. RPA can help by reviewing processes automatically, which avoids mistakes. RPA also makes shifting data between spreadsheets easier. This frees up valuable human resources that companies need to grow their business.

Better customer service thanks to RPA

If repetitive customer inquiries no longer need to be handled manually by a person, answers will be faster and also more detailed. For instance, if the question about a company’s location is asked on a regular basis, the RPA software will correctly recognise such questions, categorise them and answer with prewritten text. All this will be done in a fraction of the time that a human employee would need to do it while also being clearly intellectually underwhelmed by this task. Humans will handle more complex inquiries and will have a control function. In case of doubt, humans will have the last word and will be the decisive decision makers.

In addition, highly standardised processes such as sending order confirmations, invoices or shipping confirmations can be performed more thoroughly and faster. For instance, in complaint management, tickets will automatically be assigned to the correct department and invoices can be authorised automatically.

In this blog post, you will learn how RPA bots can also support HR departments in a variety of ways.